Unemployment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver details the many obstacles that impede access to unemployment benefits - often by design - and why the entire system needs to be rethought.
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  • Aaron Hahn
    Aaron Hahn

    Never laughed ONCE... This just made me MAD! Anyone else feel the same?

  • Ian Hernandez
    Ian Hernandez

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  • Al Paras
    Al Paras

    The thing I like about the first amendment is that you saying what you like gives me the right to say that I don't like you much. Isn't America Great?

  • daniel job
    daniel job

    Laura Ingram's future in politics: founder of The Donner Party! P.S: in Australia, unemployment actually went down after lockdown as cleaning companies had to hire extra staff to fulfill orders regarding public venues. Have fun in your self- made hell, dumba$$es!

  • Rori Clare
    Rori Clare

    He's another 'in Australia' comment (my apologies in advance): We have three systems of welfare payments (that I know of, there may be more) for the unemployed. And, yeah, this does make things more complicated and Centrelink is a fucking nightmare to deal with but it also means that you can tailor eligibility requirements more finely. 1: There's AusStudy (which isn't actually called AusStudy anymore but I'm not a student anymore so I haven't bothered to remember what it is called now) which is for students in Tertiary education and there are a lot of restrictions on this one. For one, as a friend of mine found out a couple years ago, it doesn't cover you if you're in TAFE or an apprenticeship, only university. Secondly, if you live in the same city as your parents and they earn over a certain salary a year, your benefits will be so low it's not worth fighting Centrelink for them. That's regardless of the relationship you have with your parents. One of my sister's friends broke contact with her parents because they kept trying to push her into church, but hey she still lives in the same city so they'll be supporting her financially, right? Also, the actual benefits payments are really low so you'll probably also need at least part-time work. 2: We do have a blanket Unemployment Benefit but I know very little about it. I would guess that it's supposed to cover anyone missed by other schemes but whether or not it does this and does it effectively, I have no idea. Probably not, as a guess. 3: There's also JobSeeker (which I think has also changed names now?) and I think this is the one that Florida and Friends emulating. It requires you to be registered with an employment office and to apply for a certain number of jobs a month and, in return, your benefit payments will be higher than they would be under the blanket Unemployment Benefit or AusStudy -- ALSO, you can actually work and still receive JobSeeker provided your salary from the job remains under a certain threshold and you report that income in your claims which helps with under-employment (a huge problem both here and in the US). The problem with the Florida-approach is that when you don't have the blanket Unemployment Benefit there are a fuckton of people who will not qualify for JobSeeker (for all the reasons John Oliver mentioned) and they're probably the ones who need the most assistance. Finally, I will just mention (as another black-mark against us), one of the few things I know about the blanket benefits system is that it is so shitty that a lot of people (my brother, my cousin as examples) are on JobSeeker and applying for jobs they are wildly unqualified for so they won't become employed in order to have an income that is (mostly) livable. I think the system itself is great and avoids the Conservative complaint of Benefits being a disincentive (and, yeah, that's not ideal but compromising and avoiding complaints is how legislation gets passed. I'd rather a Welfare law that panders to bigots than a Welfare bill that doesn't but never gets passed). I also think the roll-out, implementation, and oversight are absolutely fucking appalling and it makes me so mad that once again admin is not being given the funding it needs to function and is then blamed for the failure. It's like... y'all remember the LWT Infrastructure piece when John says that you don't get to cut a ribbon for routine maintenance? People like shiny new big ideas (for infrastructure, for social welfare) but they don't care so much how to actually make them happen or how to maintain them once they're in place. (Rant over. Sorry for the long comment)

  • liftshaulscooks

    I wonder what Laura would do if she were hungry?

  • Spicy Pancake
    Spicy Pancake

    Laura Ingraham needs to get off cable news and go back to whatever Little Miss Hitler pageant she crawled out of.

  • Adrienne Mestman
    Adrienne Mestman

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  • Um Bongo
    Um Bongo

    We just shouldn't be talking about this in 2021. We shouldn't be the richest country in the world still talking about homeless, starving, desperate people. We shouldn't be blowing millions on bombs when we can't look after our own. If we're so desperate to export our democracy, hadn't we better make sure it works?

  • Andrew Welsh
    Andrew Welsh

    As an English man, I’ve only just got to watch this and I laughed too much.....

  • seiryu84

    TL;DR - Elmo is fucking over the US unemployment system.

  • John Brazier
    John Brazier

    Notice also the asymmetry between the wealthy and poor when it comes to fraud? When the poor do it on benefits, they get 400% surcharges (if not gaol). When the corporates and wealthy do it (as in taxes), not so much. Agreements are reached. Deals are made. Communism failed in the Soviet states less because of its inherent flaws, but more because of its endemic corruption. The same is happening to "capitalism" in the west - now deeply corrupt and inequitable, and still getting worse. Something nasty is coming because no political system, like democracy, can survive once its been hollowed out by the criminal grifters that now seem to rule us.

  • Mira

    “American dream “

  • arabelle567

    My brother only got his because our mom used her Karen abilities to bully the governor’s office into making sure he got it. Literally the only reason he ever got money was cause my mom harassed the governor

  • Richy Van Damme
    Richy Van Damme

    Who the fuck is Macklemore?

  • Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar

    April tak Pura thik Karo. Jo sabka aadat tha Ganda. Eha ta bhel yau top 20 ke welcome la. Ek ta aas

  • John Fairbairn
    John Fairbairn

    I live in Massachusetts and it's not 1200 a week. It's a base rate and if you never collected and had a higher rate of pay.... They just don't give you 1200 a week I just collected the first time in my life it was 700 a week and I made 50k a year for years. It's all based on what you made

  • Clash Clans
    Clash Clans

    I agree. Subscribed.

  • Paul Kerrigan
    Paul Kerrigan

    The United States is a hell hole. Richest nation on Earth. But you wouldn’t think it.

  • pigeonshouse

    Take her $15,000,000 a year a way and see how motivated she becomes.

  • Lex Man
    Lex Man

    I consider the millions I keep offshore in the Cayman islands a necessity not a luxury, or at least I would if I had millions offshore.

  • Disthron

    8:30 *being hungry makes you find a way to eat* Another thing to understand is, that way, might just be turning to crime. Poverty drives crime.

  • mario yu
    mario yu

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  • marcunlimited _
    marcunlimited _

    I need Elmo's mom's Instagram

  • Jeff Ward
    Jeff Ward

    Here in Arkansas my unemployment benefits were $83 a week.

  • Julia Johnston
    Julia Johnston

    Having a basic skills check is really quite insulting, they're not qualifying a high school certificate. Also, if they fail, that's on the government as well, so they now just owe you an education as well as unemployment benefits.

  • Mordicus 420
    Mordicus 420

    "...find a way to eat" Coming from someone who never struggle in her life

  • MaeBee

    In Australia, when you are on unemployment they give out a lot of menial tasks. One time I was told I needed to apply for 20 jobs a week, and guess what happened? I ran out of jobs that I was qualified for, so I just applied to everything. Saturating the market in a way that made it infuriating for employers to actually find people qualified. One time they put me to work for $4 an hour for someone who would sexually assult me almost everyday, and when I complained about it they said I would need to try harder than that to get out of this, and if I did anything out of line they would stop my payments. This went on for 6 months. They told me that I need to get my license and I told them that I couldn't do that. I was shouted at in an office of people who didn't even flinch, talking about how lazy I am, how I will never get anywhere in life, I was told that I would probably die in the streets. I then explained to the unemployment agent that I cant see out of one eye and I only have half of my vision in my other eye and that I legally can't drive.they didn't like that answer. That was when my payments were stopped. I lived off of my mum and sister while I tried to find a job. I now have an amazing job that I love, but I am forever trumatized by what happened while I was in the unemployment system.

  • Greg Norris
    Greg Norris

    John, look up Australia Centrelink Robodebt . . . We had the same Govt attempt to recoup supposed wrong payments.

  • Laura I
    Laura I

    If you want to be horrified google, Australia Robodebt!

  • robert hawkins
    robert hawkins

    please do a show on time shares

  • Isabel

    drug test elected government employees?

  • sarcasmo57

    The US has so many problems recently.

  • M. Kurome
    M. Kurome

    The drug comment actually resonated with me, sadly. Unfortunately there are sectors where you don’t get the time and opportunity to get proper medical attention or even while being legally in the country, you are not able to seek treatment for injuries and sickness because of barriers such as language and time, making those spend a large portion of their meager salaries with OTC that might or might not be effective enough to even allow them to continue working. Treating the underlining problem while living paycheck to paycheck? The triple whammy of no time, no money much less opportunity for that slaps those in the face whenever the thought of seeking assistance comes to mind.

  • Abid Chowdhury
    Abid Chowdhury

    Laura Ingraham is a special kind of evil

  • Memnor SM
    Memnor SM

    I'm now going to think of 3 words whenever someone mentions John Oliver: Weapons-grade Cocaine.

  • BAtkinson

    Woah woah woah, you can't say that about my fiancé. Oh you're talking to me about me... Andrew Yang- Save me, The Brit is yelling at me... and Elmo.

  • Brooklyn Hughes
    Brooklyn Hughes

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  • Razar Campbell
    Razar Campbell

    Felicia Winters once said: "Our society can only become stronger by lifting those at the bottom, not pushing them deeper." Despite this, Zachary Hudson was still able to beat her in the election and she now serves as Shadow President. Of course, my information might be a little dated, since I haven't been back there since the Thargoids started appearing...

  • Harmen Greven
    Harmen Greven


  • Matt Britton
    Matt Britton

    “Weapons grade cocaine”. Lol, I like that classification.

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K

    John I'm sure every country has problems... but ... America Wat a SHHTT SHOW 😜😜💩💩 Avarice by god peddlers

  • Josh Smyth
    Josh Smyth

    And Laura's mother now says, " Good God, what the he'll is wrong with you?"

  • Oliver Challinger
    Oliver Challinger

    We have almost exactly the same issue with an automatic recoup system, which is bullshit. I was expecting a Repo Men reference when you mentioned surgery BTW. It's all good until Emilio Estevez and the last king of Scotland turn up on your doorstep!

  • Neil Nicholson
    Neil Nicholson

    neoliberalism is evil and doesnt work. 50+ years has proved that.

  • BiffChunksteak

    13:35 The Netherlands had the same issue with their supplementary child benefit program. To boot, racist bias played a role in deciding which claims were deemed 'fraudulent' - wrongfully. The Dutch government stepped down over this just weeks before the planned elections.

  • Wolfgang M
    Wolfgang M

    There are plenty of jobs. Too many people getting way too much money sitting on their asses

  • Warren NZ
    Warren NZ

    Here in New Zealand, we went into lockdown immediately when COVID arrived. If you had financial hardship from it all you had to do was go online to the government website, fill in a form and they put thousands of dollars directly into your bank account THE NEXT WORKING DAY. A gift not a loan. That's what happens in a country with a good balance of capitalism and socialism. Americans should try it sometime (if they can ever unlink socialism with communism in their brains). Oh and our COVID death toll in a population of 5 million? *_26_* It's gone now.

  • M Abadeer
    M Abadeer

    WUMBO !?

  • Simon Jenkins
    Simon Jenkins

    DO A SEGMENT ON UBI!!! It seems like the obvious next step from this conversation. #yanggang

  • Agastya Rana
    Agastya Rana

    John Oliver: The USA needs nationwide uniformity in its system of governance. Rest of the world: start by adopting the metric system as the primary system of measurement. Here's why: jpflow.info/sun/bideo/mKCdZ3l8zqp2hps.html

  • TimStamper

    Makes Universal Credit look benevolent now

  • Shannon Edward
    Shannon Edward

    Florida is guilty of violating US Code 18 Ss 373, Soliciting a Felony. If the Safety Net is unobtainable, persons will commit crimes to survive!

  • Stuart Morgan
    Stuart Morgan

    Holy crap. That governor from Kentucky who called out a case he thought was fraudulent revealed the confidential information of a claimant. That can't be legal, right?... right?

  • TeeJay

    Dont worry America, Australia's unemployment is almost exactly the same... oh, wait...

  • Penguin Uprighter
    Penguin Uprighter

    And why is there crime? Because of the Rick Scotts.

  • Steve Dorrans
    Steve Dorrans

    Wow. So Republicans hate anyone who isn't donating 10s of 1,000s of dollars to their re-election campaign? Shocker... 😯😯😯

  • mario yu
    mario yu

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  • chris Truluck
    chris Truluck

    John Oliver for President 2024.

  • ElCadaver


  • mityaboy

    I am not sure how to put this next question: but is there anything in the US which works for the PEOPLE? i don't mean a "socialist republic" sense, but seriously? if you look into it it just maddening - healthcare is cripplingly expensive, and they would rather let you die than help you if you don't have your own insurance - loose your job, and you are as good as dead in the eyes of the sates - though if you work, the regulations are hugely in the favor of the companies and their rich owners which could literally leave you crippled / dead ... - maternity leave is a joke - holidays (10 days?) is a joke - and plenty of companies are punishing you if you even think about taking it - sick leave? - yeah, good luck with that. Once (like most of the people) looked up and thought that the US is the best place to live and that the dream to live there is among the ones everyone wants to achieve... but... the more Last Week Tonight episode i watch, the more i think that the whole country is nothing more than the up-scaled version of a parade in North-Korea to show the world that "everything is fine and great" but behind the scene adults, kids are starving and they have no means to break out from there and the politicians and corporations are actively working on making it worse for everyone else... and then Laura comes and drops this line... it is just insane... greatest country on Earth ... :/

  • J Murray
    J Murray

    and people wonder why we anarchist believe starvation and povery are violence against the citizenry after all what exactly stops a starving person from going into a store and eating the food on the counters, the fact that at best they will be arrested and more likely (particually if they are a minority) will get fucking shot

  • J Murray
    J Murray

    indipendant workers and contractors dont qualify well thank fuck we dont live in a gig economy of wait yes we do fuck everything

  • J Murray
    J Murray

    honestly i wonder how people watch these videos without becoming very lestist (fuck these elped me become ancom

  • Phil Curtis
    Phil Curtis

    American... the greatest country in the third world. How shameful

  • x _
    x _

    Yes john Oliver, please tell me what specifically is wrong with one of, if not THE first rapper to openly support same sex marriage on a charting song. Go on. Tell me, john.

  • x _
    x _

    I notice that a lot of these problems start with "states were given a lot of control".

    • x _
      x _

      Federalism is a failure, Unitarianism is always a more efficient and fair system

  • mnessenche

    What Laura Ingraham said about hunger and that it brings drive and so on and so forth, is ironically enough, remarkably similar to Stalin or Mao's stance on workers and peasants and their food and production quotas......

  • Marc Thorp
    Marc Thorp

    If 100 of those people in queues for unemployment application sheets caught coronavirus there, then at least one person probably died because of this.

  • Marc Thorp
    Marc Thorp

    For those of you now organising anti-Elmo riots, please rethink. It may not be his fault.

  • Danny cul
    Danny cul

    Conservatives: "When you're hungry, you'll figure out a way to eat." *criminality skyrockets* Conservatives: *surprised Pikachu face*

  • Space Fish Aviation
    Space Fish Aviation

    Funny clapping is just hurting yourself over and over again because you are happy..

  • Jonny C
    Jonny C

    How many systems are broken in the US? Blind patriotism is the enemy of the people. Billionaires too... when will you lot learn?

    • J Murray
      J Murray

      all of the the US is a prison of corruption and greed that must be destroyed

  • petrok lawrence
    petrok lawrence

    "When you're hungry you'll figure out a way to eat." "If there is no more bread then let them eat cake."

  • Twenty9 Twelve
    Twenty9 Twelve

    You think your hard done by because you have to apply for 2 jobs a week? When I was on unemployment, my unemployment officer told me I’d be refused benefits if I didn’t apply for 20 jobs a week, even telling me that I should be applying for work as far as 2 hours travel away, and if I still can’t get a job I should just move.

  • S. Munro
    S. Munro

    At superposition all life is the same life. So letting others suffer, is like sticking your hand in a vice and saying, if you realy wanted out, you would have stopped me putting you in there.

  • R Bell
    R Bell

    What USA really needs is, employee protection law, as atm employer can just tell the workers they don't need them just like that

  • john anderson
    john anderson

    The petite adapter dimensionally chop because credit remarkably instruct against a measly ghost. marvelous, quiet shrine

  • James Flynn
    James Flynn

    I like to think that this white void is just John's most colourful room in his house while recording this from home.

  • Jenny Huang
    Jenny Huang

    "There's a reason that famines aren't generally referred to as a lack of can-do attitude" Don't give them ideas.

  • Bloodlyshiva

    Add the hatred of the poor to the death cult-ism that turned up during the pandemic and you have to really wonder at times about the mindset of the people(in media at least).

  • Harvey

    OMG. I think I just had an aneurism. As an Australian we do like to think we're smarter than the Seppos but I just learnt that our unemployment system is comparable to their worst state (Florida). Unliveable payments that haven't changed since the 70's - check. Forced to apply via poorly designed and maintained online systems - check. Ridiculous 'job seeking activity' requirements - double check. Demonizing the unemployed as 'bludgers' even when the jobs just aren't there for full employment - triple check. Oh, and don't get me started on the whole 'robo-debt' debacle. And we're technically a democratic socialist country with a federal unemployment system.

  • no one
    no one

    It's mum not mom, you're English. Stop it.

  • Patrick Patino
    Patrick Patino

    They have us so divided we ll never come together to overcome all the fucked up shit these politicians do to us, the people they work for. As long as we keep tolerating it as a nation, they ll keep doing it.

  • jimmyoakmeister

    Man, I thought Australia had issues. I mean it does. Robodebt. But this is like robodebt on steroids

  • Conor S
    Conor S

    It’s funny, because people shit on people who immediately go out and spend their unemployment money at the shops or on cigarettes or alcohol, but at least they are spending it back into local businesses, and even if it’s being spent on cigarettes and alcohol, they are taxable products, still benefiting the revenue of the business and the local government. Again, better than someone hoarding their money, barely spending it, never being accurately taxed on it or literally moving it offshore. Economies only work if they circulate, if people don’t have money to spend, businesses don’t have money to make

  • TVChannel One
    TVChannel One

    When unemployed I still stash a little away in the Caymans You don't get rich using local banks and paying taxes That's only for the stupid and the honest

  • Hamish Stein
    Hamish Stein


  • Jonathan Teh
    Jonathan Teh

    A lot of the fault does belong to wealthy exploitative types who receive "corporate welfare" eg subsidies, govt contacts, licenses, tax loopholes, waived penalties; money that should be used to protect unemployment protections & human rights - and the politicians said wealthy exploiters buy off with patronage, campaign funding, or friendship / familial bonds. It's not "everybody's fault / nobody's fault", and not Elmo's fault at all. It's time to stop the Rent Seekers and oligarchs from draining resources and making their wealth & power absolute at the expense & suffering of everybody else.

  • Fandom guy
    Fandom guy

    Modern Republican ideology appeals to very mistrustful people, former slave states purposely had a culture that destroyed reciprocity in order to justify it's own existence. Hence, former slave states tend to be modern Republicans. (But not every modern Republican is from a slave state) Former slave states also tend to have the highest black population for obvious reasons. Modern Republicans argue giving people money means they will steal it. Altogether. Another reason 6:54 is true.

  • EveryTimeV2

    Free food and housing in prison. Starve to death if you don't, too. Might as well pick how you go in. Worst that can happen is you get shot instead of starving to death, too.

  • DarthVella

    "A Ron Ramsey blanket statement." So, in essence, a self-admitted unresearched lie. Someone tell me why this clown had a job?

  • timothy curlee
    timothy curlee

    Many do not know Rick Scott was CEO of a company that was guilty of scamming Medicare and Medicaid of over one billion dollars. O K for him but shame on you for getting 250 dollars

  • OriginalPiMan

    Once again the Australian way of doing things sucks, but not as much as the American way(s). We have a basic rate of unemployment that is too low (less than $300 per week) but eligibility doesn't depend on having previously held a job. We have job search requirements to apply for a minimum number of jobs per month, but those requirements were waived for most of the last year, and are reduced or removed based on certain applicant criteria (eg. partial disability).

  • SupaDanteX

    We didn't have a forest fire. We just decided we needed an emergency crematorium. Everything is under control, I assure you.

    • Bloodlyshiva

      The thing is, currently funeral homes are having serious issues right now....

  • Martin Olminkhof
    Martin Olminkhof

    wrongfully 'recouping' massive amounts of money? Wait until you hear about Robodebt

  • David Riley
    David Riley

    I honestly believe John should drop the whole comedy thing and just tell us how screwed we are.

  • Julianne McLaughlin
    Julianne McLaughlin

    Laura Ingraham really said "Let them eat cake"

  • PavarottiAardvark

    Some states such as New Jersey couldn't find programmers to fix their systems because they ran on COBOL, an outdated coding system from the FIFTIES. We officially hit the "desperate for experts in an obscure eldritch language" part of the apocalypse.

  • pepe the frog poops on right wingers
    pepe the frog poops on right wingers

    i'm on to you elmo! with all of that corruption business 0 _ 0