Tucker Carlson: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Tucker Carlson is admired by white nationalists, elected officials, and maybe some of your relatives or coworkers. Given that he has the ear of so many Americans, John Oliver explains where Tucker came from, what his rhetorical tactics are, and what he represents.
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  • WTFMannyxFTW

    11:25 As a minority, gotta say we had a genuine debate about affirmative action in Economics class. Its effectiveness, and also (essentially) "is it racist?". Regardless of the view of if you support Affirmative Action, or not, the class, overall, agreed that is was indeed a case of "fighting Racism ... with racism". Discriminating against a person, simply off of their race, to progress another person, simply off of their race. With the reasoning behind it, being - "its not anything specifically about this person, but it's to help make up for previous events (i.e. slavery) and their generational impact. And, it also isn't anything personal for the person discriminated against, it's simply happening for previous generations, and generational impact. (I apologize for any typos above, currently multi tasking, coming back to write this) Anyways... We universally agreed that Affirmative action, is indeed - "Racist" (a policy that enforces racial discrimation, whilst also enforcing racial integration and fighting against discrimination - of minorities). And, at the end of the discussion their were varying degrees of support - for it. With an overall sentiment of "I wish we didnt need this policy. Hopefully one day, we won't. But it does seem like we need some more time to achieve racial harmony, and feeling assured that no discrimination is taking place". Its important to note that, by the end, the conversation switched to protecting Women and Transgender people. There were talks that perhaps they'd also be targeted and dsicrimated against, more or differently. And the fact that Affirmative action isnt just about Race, but also include Gender as well. Point is... dont be "too progressive". We can handle the question of is Affirmative Action racist? and use critical thinking and dialogue, to ultimately arrive at a conclusion where most reasonable people end up at, with all things - somewhere near the middle. Its not a binary answer. Its not "this or that" with all things. Again. sorry for the typos. Keep getting lost in other activities. Good segment. Fuxk fox news!

  • brianred8

    Trump as president threw money at problems and/or denied they existed..... If Tucker was president, he would just stare goofily and blankly at problems

  • Lauren Miller
    Lauren Miller

    The reason we keep talking about racism and race is because racist actions keep happening! (If you’re tired of hearing it, imagine how POC feel living it.) It’s racist to say we should just ignore race. No we need to come to a place where we can finally acknowledge it and address it, instead of letting it continue and pretending it’s not there because it benefits us. A basic underlying message of white supremacy is if we fight to change racism then white people will lose control and power. So we might as well do nothing about it and ignore it. And that’s why we need to keep talking about it. That’s why we should never shut up. An “Out of sight out of mind” attitude will help nothing. We need to make changes. We can’t overlook racism just because recognizing it is painful. If we never grow up and address the real issues... it will destroy us. POC deserve justice, equality, and security.

  • Fibr3Optix

    I love John Oliver. He has compasion and brings some good points to an issue. But I some what lost respect for LWT when the aired an episode about systematic racism in schools. He showed a clip with a little white girl being asked to look at 6 different coloured dolls ranging from white to dark black and asked to point to the one she thought was bad. She picked the dark black. That's all well and good for the shows narrative BUT they didn't bother showing you the rest of the clip where little girls of every race picked the blackest one. Plus If you read the study it concluded that the darker dolls were probably picked not because the kids hated black people but rather due to our ancestral genes in all humans we at a primal level fear the dark or dark things because thats when animals hunted us. But John purposefully chose not to disclose that but rather choose a 5 second clip for the mere fact it supported racism. Kinda lost reputable points from me.

  • Brandon Kent
    Brandon Kent

    you wont debate him though simp

  • Charlotte LaBranche
    Charlotte LaBranche

    Well that was 25 minutes of my life wasted listening to this.

  • Cory ryder
    Cory ryder

    tucker spent a week speaking about racist trees

  • Cory ryder
    Cory ryder

    answer jpflow.info/sun/bideo/goWinpmFqKKqooE.html Why Tucker Carlson pretends to hate elites

  • do jo
    do jo

    Oh, Tucker - superficial and boring.

  • Charles J
    Charles J

    Not me 🇺🇸😎

  • Kevin S.
    Kevin S.

    We only became aware of Tucker by his interest in and coverage of UFO's

  • Adrienne Mestman
    Adrienne Mestman

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  • ManInTheWorld

    You just labeled him as white supremacist but didn't argue against his points. Does uncontrolled immigration from Mexico benefits or harm USA?

  • astrolillo

    The British guy sounds jealous, arent all of them comedians? Or is it only fine to mock the Republicans and not the Democrats?

  • ManInTheWorld

    Iraqi don't use toilet paper because they use the superior invention the bidet.

  • Next Gen
    Next Gen

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  • Patrick Gillespie
    Patrick Gillespie

    He sounds like Patton Oswald

  • ThrobbingChristl

    If you watch the video close enough, what are the arguments? TC doesn't need to say things, JO knows anyhow what TC thinks, some strawman arguments in between and the rest is guilt by association. John Oliver has done way better hit-pieces in the past. That one is really lame and manipulative.

  • Cloud Forest
    Cloud Forest

    I have ptsd from word on

  • peterinbrat

    My guess is he wants to get cancelled by sponsors so he can go online with a subscription service. It's blatant white nationalism now.

  • Robert Cook
    Robert Cook

    Dude, you're a tool

  • thirdred eye
    thirdred eye

    Dear john , I am sure the video tape from Cross Counterpoint hosted Gary Spence. Tucker repeatedly spoke out against all libertarians and castigated mr Spence for defending white supremacists in Idaho. Please find and show it. How come no one pulls that episode off for instant retribution I could care less; I always imagined if we were mates I would have enjoyed the most swappable face in news entertainment. business

  • Garett Mote
    Garett Mote

    Performativley Outraged Wedge Salad is the name of my first Jazz album.

  • N O
    N O

    Tucker carlson is deeply closeted

  • Paulette Valiton
    Paulette Valiton

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  • Thejanjan39

    The moment Britney Spears cannot conceal the fact she thinks Tucker's a f--king idiot 8:21

  • Brandon

    trash show

  • Saint Sergius
    Saint Sergius

    Oh cool, another political hit piece masquerading as comedy! Classic Oliver.

    • Donk PT
      Donk PT

      Why are you so triggered. People like you are killing comedy

  • David Allen
    David Allen

    Tucker knows exactly what he’s doing. He always plays the victim. It’s like Limbaugh. If people call you out, get wide eyed & act offended

  • David Allen
    David Allen

    The “color blind” race argument is so terrible. No one ever asked you to not see color. Equity is about accepting the diversity of all. Bc guess what? That color blind ideology sees the default as whiteness

  • Nicholas Grettler
    Nicholas Grettler


  • Jared Cyr
    Jared Cyr

    When Tucker gets you going.......

  • Cynthia Rhodes
    Cynthia Rhodes

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  • Don Halldin
    Don Halldin

    Oliver is a complete buffoon.

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones

    Immigration is a Huge problem in the United States. History will tell you that the only reason Rome fell, was because of Immigration. Period.

  • Matthew Secord
    Matthew Secord

    I can't stand Tucker Carlson, BUT this clip isn't quite entirely correct. Tucker is poison generally, but he does have points. Does he take it too far? Yes. The problem is people not being able to think skeptically. I think that's Oliver's main point, here.

  • nintendoboy17

    Man, the rightie snowflakes in the comments. LOL

  • noirettebeauty

    Tucker Carlson has a face that makes consent impossible

  • wyatt brown
    wyatt brown

    His show (tucky) is staffed by children who lost their job for posting white supremacists bullshit online...

  • Clem

    Anyone here after Tucker literally said the white replacement theory on tv?

    • Arthur.

      @a54109 No you don't, you're just racist. Edit: a54109 made a comment (that is now deleted) of them saying "I have a reason to be scared around them, they commit the majority of crime"

    • Clem

      @a54109 You being scared of black and brown people doesn’t mean white people are being replaced.

    • a54109

      @Clem Walk in the streets of London or Paris and tell me if you feel safe.

    • Clem

      @a54109 it’s not real. White people aren’t being replaced. They aren’t going extinct. They aren’t being shipped to other countries. Having more immigrants in your country doesn’t mean white people are suddenly disappearing. White replacement theory makes no logical sense. Seeing more brown people around doesn’t mean the white people already there are vanishing. More brown people means the percentage of white people is going down, but the actual population(the part that actually matters) is increasing in the same rate it always has been. This theory is bogus and only believed by idiot neo-nazis and idiot white supremacists.

    • a54109

      Looking at places like London and Paris it seems to be real.

  • S V
    S V

    You performatively-outraged wedge salad! God bless (I know) John Oliver and his writers' staff.

  • Frank Uhlig
    Frank Uhlig

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  • Philippe Hubert
    Philippe Hubert

    Stop saying that Tucker's profile is the whitest this and the whitest that. An indicator of the level of whiteness seems racist to me. So much so that one might wonder why Trevor Noah is the only black host of a late-night Democrat-leaning show (John Olivier, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, etc.)? No first nation or asian? Tucker is in my opinion a better person than the one John is trying to create. Tucker often discusses complex matters where there is not a single truth.

  • Doom Squirrel
    Doom Squirrel

    you can take this roast out of the oven, it's done.

  • Kyle Lemmon
    Kyle Lemmon


  • Marsh Morgan
    Marsh Morgan

    I use Tucker to white balance my video equipment.

  • j galt
    j galt

    You're garbage John

  • Do Š.
    Do Š.

    "casper's arsehole" LMAO

  • Troy Carter
    Troy Carter

    I'm afraid whatever you say will be too high a bar for Tucker to understand John, however nice try.

  • BdR76

    4:20 a White Nationalist named "Black" is ironic. But not nearly as ironic as a former head of the KKK, David Duke, getting plastic surgery because he doesn't feel comfortable in his own skin

  • Ronnysunshine

    Ridicule is the strongest tool straight out of the Marxist playbook. And this venomous little toad hasn’t got anything else to use. Zero substance.

    • Donk PT
      Donk PT

      @Arthur. True

    • Arthur.

      @Donk PT Anything that he doesn't like lol

    • Donk PT
      Donk PT

      What do you think Marxism is


    this show is trash Tucker Carlson is a far better show

  • Tarek Maza
    Tarek Maza

    He is right!

  • Noneofur Business
    Noneofur Business

    You've become a decent demagogue, John, good for you

  • T Lynn
    T Lynn

    WOW. As a native San Diegan, when he said he was from La Jolla, THAT CLICKED!

  • Warren Caldwell
    Warren Caldwell

    Damn tucker is always so close to getting the point

  • Dylan Shaqiri
    Dylan Shaqiri

    I think it’s hilarious how so many Americans hate the idea of immigrants coming to their country. Funny, sounds somewhat familiar...


    On this week tonight: John Oliver vents about a TV personality he doesn't like, backing up his argument with selectively chosen and edited clips


      @a54109 he criticizes Carlson for drawing wrong conclusions from clips, while doing the same thing, except Mr. Olive did it worse. He basically made a video just ranting on basic conservative beliefs he didn't like

    • a54109

      The funny part is that even in these clips Carlson sounds like a reasonable guy.

  • Brendan Anthony
    Brendan Anthony

    How dare whites want to secure the existence of their people and a future for white children. How dare they....

    • Cassie

      Imagine the Democrats stormed the Capitol what this dumb shit would say

  • o owe
    o owe

    Tucker Prick, define conservatism

    • Cassie

      Ask the natives what happens when a large immigrant demographic comes over, suddenly you’re afraid, the irony

  • Captain Nigga
    Captain Nigga

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  • MetalMachine

    35k chuds who didn't like their befuddled t.v. dinner daddy get spanked I see. God bless America /s.

  • Zraknul

    Since the episode was released he's literally covered white replacement theory.

  • CrushingRock

    How you eat and how you wipe your ass is a big reference for tucker XD

  • s

    Jon Oliver needs to be deported.

  • John W. Nelson
    John W. Nelson

    Hello my name is a racist 😂🤣😂

  • Aidan Fitzgerald
    Aidan Fitzgerald

    16:47 Technically, we're all animals. Own it.

  • robin2012ism

    Excuse me, did David Duke say that there is massive racism against white people?? what the actual fuck does he mean??!

    • a54109

      Affirmative action for example.

  • robin2012ism

    They, them vs. us, we. His goody-two shoes delivery of divisive rhetoric is set up perfectly. Well-crafted derision for the low informed.

  • Jeff Smithson
    Jeff Smithson

    Love reading how ill-informed these comments are. Instead of drinking the John Oliver cool aid, why don't you watch the original piece before jumping to conclusions. Think for yourself for a change.

  • lengen furie
    lengen furie

    Once again you have hit the nail right on the head! TC is the poster boy for white supremacy!

  • A T
    A T

    Wow. Carlson is eating your lunch isn’t he?he drives the left crazy the way Clinton beat the right at their own game. The problem is the lefts current talking points are as fos as the worst of the rights and he just points out the hypocrisy and dishonesty that we are supposed to take as the word of god because the almighty left said so. Oliver, you’ll have to do better. He’s beating you at your own game.

  • Jasmine Rubin
    Jasmine Rubin

    Baiting people by making them think they're losing something. As if being around different colored people is somehow going to stop you from drinking your beers and driving your trucks or whatever it is that you do. Not just white people like doing those things anyway.

  • Cam Par
    Cam Par

    Ask the natives what happens when a large immigrant demographic comes over, suddenly you’re afraid, the irony

    • Cam Par
      Cam Par

      @a54109 I’ll tell that to tucker when he cries about immigrants

    • a54109

      @Cam Par The world is a harsh place.

    • Cam Par
      Cam Par

      @a54109 it’s lack of empathy

    • a54109

      It's not ironic, it's the way of nature, people should protect their nation.

  • Cam Par
    Cam Par

    Imagine the Democrats stormed the Capitol what this dumb shit would say

  • Shock

    It would help if we stopped pretending that there is no such thing as racism against white people because that does exist. Denying it fuels people like Tucker Carlson and his white supremacists. I am well aware that the racism that minorities experience is overall worse and is a major problem that we need to fix. That doesn't change the fact that racism doesn't also impact white people. There is a double standard about collective responsibility that is constantly drilled into our culture. Our culture constantly points the finger of racism/colonialism/oppression at white people as a group. If someone says "white people are always X" you wont hear anyone speak up against this sort of generalization in the same way we readily do if someone says "black people are always X". Anytime a white person ever does anything shitty to a black person there is an immediate assumption of racism regardless of the evidence. That is the same thing as assuming black people are going to steal or be violent based on race. I'm not saying there isn't race motivated issues, I know their are. When black people receive racial disdain/scorn we are rightfully outraged. When a white person receives the same you will hear excuses about all the things white people did to others in the past, as if that makes it justified.

  • Lamiya Islam
    Lamiya Islam

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  • T. Duncan
    T. Duncan

    *I'm here only because David Duke mentioned you in his podcast on CASTBOX*

  • tabvisions

    It’s all so awkward when you find out the Europe was one of the last places to actually adopt modern day hygienic standards 😐

  • Tom W.
    Tom W.

    The bit about the Byzantine Empire and forks is hilariously ignorant given the fact that Byzantium LITERALLY WAS THE WEST! You might know it by it's other, better know name, THE ROMAN FUCKING EMPIRE.

  • Benjamin Sabl
    Benjamin Sabl

    I don't even like Tucker Carlson, but this video was dumb

  • Michael Kaszynski
    Michael Kaszynski

    As a very liberal straight white male in America, it bothers me immensely when Tucker and his ilk go out to defend me without my endorsement and then I have to go out in public in a diverse city like Chicago wishing I had some sort of button that proclaimed my open minded view of the world. Guys like Tucker can kiss my ass.

  • craig f
    craig f

    Your cultural marxism is showing. Thought you'd like that!

  • R S
    R S

    What a loser this last week is

  • Fly Fishing Michigan
    Fly Fishing Michigan

    Absolute garbage reporting from John Oliver. Manipulation at its finest.

  • Frank Lipscomb
    Frank Lipscomb

    TRUE STORY: this aired three days AFTER I got put into FB jail for 30 days for saying I wanted to throat-punch Tucker Carlson. As I post this, I have 3 days left. YES, I broke their rules about threatening violence. So I'll take my licks (like I have a choice. Still, their house, their rules) I won't apologize, though - because it's the truth, and he fucking deserves it.

  • Jana A
    Jana A


  • eric mixon
    eric mixon

    so necessary. thanks for this


    Evrytime i see some right wing stuff to see other side of the ile this show is the next one in the youtube feat. Just why. Did you Pay for this?

  • Allen Kinahan
    Allen Kinahan

    "Western Civilization" is precisely responsible for erasing cultures, languages, and many, many entire native populations. Projection is a terrible disease.

    • A T
      A T

      So if white people and their toxic culture is so awful, why do basically everyone on earth want to come here? Especially poc?

  • John holman
    John holman

    I was hoping there'd be more to this, but it seemed like the crux of John's argument was guilt by association. White supremacist's like tucker. They also like sandwiches, like most people. That doesn't make most people white supremacists. Most white supremacist's are also mostly conservative, so they're also gonna like what a lot of conservatives like. And conservatives also really like Tucker. It's not that absurd to think they'd also watch his show. There was a quote or 2 that didn't sound great, but that was like 2min of the video. I thought there'd more concrete evidence. Oh well.

    • 99SamIAm99

      @John holman Carlson tries to explain away things that people do. Especially the racist things. There are people who watch him and then think this is okay. My dad was one of them. These are people who don't want to change, who don't want to give others what they deserve. And the idea that there is "concrete evidence" is really missing the point. We're not talking about overtly racist things. It is media manipulation, plain and simple. Tucker knows where the money is. And he will do everything to keep those people watching.

    • runman

      @John holman maybe not that he's white supremacist (even though he likes to he close to the line of it and dance around it) But that he tends to fuel them because it simply gives money to him while not caring about ethics at times After all, he also fuel the fire that there a steal going on during the elections

    • John holman
      John holman

      ​@99SamIAm99 So what was the point then? Explain it to me

    • 99SamIAm99

      John holman 38 minutes ago "White supremacist's like tucker. They also like sandwiches" Wow did you miss the point.

  • Fn A
    Fn A

    Why is Hunter Biden not arrested for lying on his ATF 4473 form? 1% privilege?

    • 99SamIAm99

      Deflect much?

  • David Oettinger
    David Oettinger

    "Walking yacht club." Well done Mr. Oliver.

  • Derek Kantosky
    Derek Kantosky


  • Matt R
    Matt R

    I can't figure out if LastWeekTonight is a comedy show or a leftist rant show.

    • m jones
      m jones

      And I can figure out if you actually see what's wrong about this whole thing. It's almost like you forgot that he literally told a judge, only an idiot would believe me.

  • Dustin Eveland
    Dustin Eveland

    Your take on Brittney Spears was literally the only thing I disagree with you on.

  • Madeline Elene
    Madeline Elene

    Tucker for president eh? God. Damn. This is funny and sad at the same time. In any case... I feel like Tucker is pretty much American history personified so...he's got his shoe in the door lmao. I wish the world good luck. Cause we're probably all screwed.

  • Troves Of Gold
    Troves Of Gold

    F OFF Limey go back to the UK