The National Debt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
The national debt has long been portrayed as a burden we’re placing on future generations. John Oliver discusses how national debt works, why people are so concerned about it, and why it might be more helpful that you think.
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  • Fork B
    Fork B

    So made up numbers are ruining the country? Seems like America needs a reboot!

  • William Ray Benson
    William Ray Benson

    Come on Mr. President let's create a new dream a better dream for all Americans. let us say to the American people on earth as it is in heaven. We need to be working together as one as we are all Americans. Tell them that you too have a dream and you wish to paint it for them and then proceed to give them snippets of the grand dream and to create it in their minds too. Tell, them that as a mere mortal man you too need the help of the American people to be calling their representatives and we all working together to accomplish these goals together as one. Creating a better new America for all. We want immigration reform and voter rights put into law and so many other things. What ideas new or otherwise do the republicans put forward. what is there platform I want to know? We will win as we must win. In your dream, you can see a whole new America one that has Universal health care for all and in many ways how this could be achieved. Look Mr president that won't know what is going on as they followed the wrong leader many of them. Plus the good senator Joe Manson we need to bring him along and explain it to him in this way and give him a new vision as well and jobs lots of jobs back in his home state and for coal jobs and so many other jobs we are going to be creating. Build the dream in others. What dream is it the republicans build other than racism and hatred of the other? They hate immigrants. we need to fix what is going on in their homelands and many die just trying to get here. something needs to be done. This is Hitler's playbook. Come on let's defeat that vile guy and his vile cult of followers. Tell them you have a dream and say you pray and pray often. Tell them that you pray and then you set back and you listen to see if there is an answer and sometimes an idea pops into your head a path forward a way to go. Tell the American people to have the faith of a mustard seed and those who are in the know will know what you're talking about and those that don’t won't know. Say all that you can accomplish you give the glory to God the Father and no one else. They will be dumbfounded. Tell them that yes you too have a dream where you can work towards changing the hearts and minds 0of man to be better. Home loans could be from the Post office and the US government much like my VA loan was now. It was refinanced at 2,75 percent and at that rate I can pay it back that much faster. What if we were able to borrow that money at what banks can borrow money from the Fed at like .05 percent. And then at the post office, we loaned out the money at 1.5 or 2 perce3nt and we the taxpayers made the money instead of the banks who screwed us all over during Bushes administration. Wqasnt diamond one of the people who caused that whole problem and then they put that guy in charge of that. That is a fox back to watching over the henhouse. Where do they find these people who believe this is a good idea? With the loan section at all of the post office opening up and so on. How many more jobs did we just startup? Don't Federal employees make a fair and decent wage:? Oh so like veterans and people like that who have served our country can get a good-paying job. Get loans served out and help their communities and people to buy homes in our country? Win-win. Oh they didn’t see that coming did they well we could go to the American people and spring it on them see what they think? How many Americans could own a home and live the American dream? To be able to have payments so low they could even make double payments even possibly. How many? How much for a home loan at 2 percent for thirty years I ask or at 1.5. . think of it. House payment at around 600 dollars wouldn’t it be for a 150 thousand dollar house? Something like that. Wow, we just made how many Americans able to live the American dream. How many new homes will be sold? Or built how many jobs did we just cre4ate I ask you? What would Moscow mitch think about this? What happened to the morality of the Republican party. Even Mitt Romney isn’t trying to back the president and get America moving forward again. He didn’t stand for the lie but he hasn’t continually come out against it either and or has any of the other republicans if they all came out and said it was a big lie Trump cant attack them all. And they all should have stood as one but they have no soul nor morals. Maybe at some point, some will rethink it and come to a moment and worry about their immortal souls and where they could be headed one day. Just a thought mind you just a thought…

  • Panda Peep
    Panda Peep

    Reagan should've stuck to selling things on commercials. He was a terrible President and we are still paying for his mistakes - fiscally, culturally, medically, and in our environment. This nation needs to stop electing entertainers.

  • Christian tretter
    Christian tretter

    I usually agree with his videos, but this used quite a bit of flawed logic. The interest rates are decreasing so much because the fed is manipulating them to be so low. Inflation has not set in as much in cpi, but it has manifested in asset prices. That is why the stock market is so high rn. About 50% of US dollars in circulation were printed in the last year, so by definition that is inflation. Inflation also is not very easy to reign in either. Probably the biggest issue with the excess spending the US has been doing is going to devalue the dollar. The debt may not be an issue now, but it should only begin to become an issue when the dollar begins to drop in value. The more and more we spend in deficit, the more the dollar will devalue. We have never come anywhere close to this amount of spending in the history of the US, and coupled with low interest rates it just kicks the debt crisis down the road. The longer we keep the interest rates so low, and continue spending money on quantitative easing, the harder the economic crash will be. Either the fed continues to spend until the dollar loses it's reserve currency status, or we have to raise rates, and tank the economy. A deficit cannot be run forever, and the longer we run a deficit the deeper the inevitable depression will be. Also our kids will have to pay for this debt. Arguing that they will not have to pay it is just untrue. The only way to pay of government debt is through raising taxes, or by printing money and decreasing the value of the currency in the process. Since we have printed so much money and accrued so much debt in the recent years, our kids will have to pay an proportionately high amount of debt to fund this spending. That's just simply economics.

  • Danny Lieberwirth
    Danny Lieberwirth

    did anyone else notice the date on the urn was from before the upload date

  • Toughnut

    Republicans are eeeeeeeeeeevil.

  • Eric Farina
    Eric Farina

    You wanna give companies leeway to accrue massive debt by throwing up a couple of success stories? I worked for a company that let shelf-stable goods expire in backstock without ever seeing the sales floor, produce sxpire in the kitchen and produce department, kept ordering more and more no matter what, moved into a brand new building by soliciting donations and loans from the community despite never turning a profit, and actively pursued $150 cash handouts from unsuspecting customers all while overcharging customers for literally every single product and claiming to save the Earth and support the community. What is truly insane, is that the people there might actually believe that is what they are doing. People like you give them leeway. "People like you" is a loaded term. What I mean in this instance, is people who advocate this unfathomably reckless behavior with proclamations of internal rationalization of self-interest. Just like the managers and business owners around this country who aren't fit to run a lemonade stand (because our society educates no one to be competent and productive). Workers aren't managers, but they are pretty fucking fed up. Particularly the majority of producers who work in service. Take heed, the masses never serve the strong for long. The only question is, how prepared are the strong?

  • Lau Da
    Lau Da

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  • Jen

    Great show! Take care, John

  • Ryan W
    Ryan W

    Stop consuming, start savings, pay off debt, buy gold, silver, farmland and bitcoin. Store guns, ammo food and water.

  • M R
    M R

    Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z and Alpha should unsubscribe to John Oliver.

  • Joshua Suh
    Joshua Suh

    Lol this guy is an idiot. Nixon Ends Convertibility of US Dollars to Gold and Announces Wage/Price Controls August 1971 With inflation on the rise and a gold run looming, President Richard Nixon's team enacted a plan that ended dollar convertibility to gold and implemented wage and price controls, which soon brought an end to the Bretton Woods System. Go do some search and simply take a look at pre 1970 national debt to post 1970 national debt. Lol Yeah all of sudden debt exploded since we got off the gold standard. Lol Reagan administration President Reagan increased the debt by $1.85 trillion, or by 186%. Reagan's brand of supply-side economics didn't grow the economy enough to offset the lost revenue from its tax cuts. Clinton administration. the national debt went from $4.4 Trillion at the end of 1993 to almost $5.7 Trillion at the end of 2000, U.S. Treasury data shows, a 28 percent increase in the debt over this time when our nation supposedly was running a balanced budget. Bush administration President Bush added $6.1 trillion to the nation's debt, the second-largest amount in dollars. This took National Debt from $5.8 trillion in 2001 to $11.9 trillion in 2009 a 105% percent increase. Obama Administration When Obama was sworn in on Jan. 20, 2009, the debt was $10.626 trillion. 1 When he left office on Jan. 20, 2017, it was $19.937 trillion. Trump Administration On President Trump's first day in office (January 2017), the total debt load of the nation was $19.947 trillion. Just before the COVID-19 pandemic started in the United States, the national debt load of the country was $23.442 trillion. If you haven't realized by now.. You must be an utter idiot. Lol it doesn't matter who runs the country. It is just a byproduct of going off from real money to fiat ponzi pyramid scheme "debt based" monetary policy. Just go study some Austrian economics. Ok? Plus this isn't even really a issue right now. EU, China and Japan has higher debt than USA if you compare debt to GDP. Lol lol this guy is an idiot. Just duck duck go "quadrillion in derivatives" Ok? That's precisely why Globalists are screaming global reset great reset lol Go get some physical gold and silver ok? And stop listening to a monkey.

  • anunnaki

    Does anyone want 14 trillion Anunnaki Tokens? I will trade 5 million for some tesla coin.

  • Clarence Thompson
    Clarence Thompson

    If you think runaway national debt isn't an economic time bomb than you are an idiot.

  • Jedii Kniight
    Jedii Kniight

    Legalize WEED, and problem solved in less than 10 years

  • Lacy Johnson
    Lacy Johnson

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  • Dee Dub
    Dee Dub

    Adam friended is fuming right now 18:16

  • DrCruel

    I hope some criminal gets hold of John Oliver's credit card. Then he'll know how the rest of us feel.

  • mcflan68

    This is a bunch of crap. Lots of words to dismiss being fiscally responsible.

  • Lukas Wild
    Lukas Wild

    The argument about Greece is so stupid. Greece was in trouble because a lot of credit rating agencies downgraded them HARD, so nobody would lend them any more money to pay the interest on that debt. Since all major agencies are US-based, they wouldn't dare to do the same to the US.

  • Monica G
    Monica G

    Kind of disappointed that John didn't talk about MMT, modern monetary theory.

  • Thomas Beers
    Thomas Beers

    They don't care about us. These rich politicians don't care about us one bit. Fuck them all.

  • yataro okayama
    yataro okayama

    And Baiiden regime Now has a military budget $753 billions , last time was almost $600 billions , so now it's $153 even MORE that is 3,5 times the Budget of India (Number 3) !

  • Thomas Beers
    Thomas Beers

    We the people make the rich pay for it. Bunch of parasites

    • cnmmd qiuoo
      cnmmd qiuoo

      Where can I buy those sexy pillows at?

  • Thomas Beers
    Thomas Beers

    28 trillion is a fuck ton of money had me ballin fam

  • ahmad afandi Ngaiman
    ahmad afandi Ngaiman

    The actual number to really look out for is debt service ratio .... It is at roughly 7.8% in 2021.. Absolute numbers means nothing really.

    • ahmad afandi Ngaiman
      ahmad afandi Ngaiman

      @cnmmd qiuoo what I mean by absolute numbers means nothing is that the US only spend 7.8% of total tax collection to pay to service those trillions of debt... That is actually quite small... As long as the economy grows and taxation increases the debt could theoretically goes on forever...the issue of Greece is not the amount of debt it is the money needed to pay to service those debt... Greece don't need to pay for all of its debt all of a sudden.. What Greece can't afford is the interest payments for those debt because overnight those interest went from low to high... US will never have that problem because the debt is mostly domestic and interest directly tied to Fed rates not investment rating agencies..

    • cnmmd qiuoo
      cnmmd qiuoo

      If I borrow money from myself and have to pay myself do I have to pay it , and could the Asians strong arm you to pay up . I am not paying this is stupid

  • D

    I dont know where to start, this guy simplify national debt as if you just have to print money to cover it.

  • Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman
    Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman

    If there's one guy who knows how to put on a show finale, it's John Oliver.

  • Mike Mainer
    Mike Mainer

    The highlight of this video is when John Oliver went full Dr. Suess on that vile piece of shite, Ted Cruz. 😆

  • Ushan Moran
    Ushan Moran

    one of the best Last Week Tonights. Never knew the National Debt could be so funny.

  • Kevin Tran
    Kevin Tran

    I mean I guess everyone knew this but... why does this video come after Trump when he said we can just print more money to pay the debt?

    • David Lin
      David Lin

      Hes right, we can print more money to pay the debt. Obviously.

  • Dmitry Savenko
    Dmitry Savenko

    Showing Greek riots and saying 'nothing like this in the US' just made me laughing. Like really, *nothing* like this?

  • Howard Ryburn
    Howard Ryburn

    No ads ? Huh Doesnt matter , this guy stopped being funny in 2015

  • Weekee Chew
    Weekee Chew

    This show is as bad as crossfire. -John Stewart

  • Menial harpsichordist
    Menial harpsichordist


  • BahubaliSamraat

    Wow, I had no idea Republicans are such awful people. Can't believe 50% of the people around me are such monsters. Thank you so much for your honest and unbiased journalism Mr. Oliver **rolling my eyes**

  • DJ Ggl
    DJ Ggl

    Yes if we earn more than borrow, or we keep the net profit rate above zero. But what didn't mention here was that the borrowed dollars flow around the world as the profits run backwards to america. So that's why both democrats and republicants try very hard to maintain the power of dollar no matter how b***dly the way is. The explaination will make more sense (rather than making excuse) if it took the world economy as a whole to make comparison between the growth of debt and profit. But, well... sadly most of americans just don't care or don't understand the logic in it because "american first". :p

    • DJ Ggl
      DJ Ggl

      @David Lin No, I dont have good understandings to economy. But I was borrowing John's words.

    • David Lin
      David Lin

      There's no such thing as net profit when it comes to balance of payments. You don't seem to have a good understanding of economics.

  • Papascrub

    Enjoyed the show until this episode. Realized John's being paid to try and save fiat. BUY BTC and ignore this garbage.

  • prezo dent
    prezo dent

    If I borrow money from myself and have to pay myself do I have to pay it , and could the Asians strong arm you to pay up . I am not paying this is stupid

  • Nightfall Shadow
    Nightfall Shadow

    Where can I buy those sexy pillows at?

  • Keith Hibbard
    Keith Hibbard

    anyone else notice when he says don't just give it to rich people he immediately suggests we give it to a bunch of rich people. last time i checked you don't just lay a dollar bill on a road and it gets built, who do you think are winning these govt contracts for this debt? obviously its the rich

    • Justin Becker
      Justin Becker

      Thank you!!!! Agreed

    • Keith Hibbard
      Keith Hibbard

      here come $700 hammers and $42 nails, yeah that's not a kickback "/

  • Keith Hibbard
    Keith Hibbard

    so the moral of the story is as long as the market rises forever, faster than inflation, then we will never have to worry about the debt. sounds pretty flimsy to me. he pretty much described a ponzi scheme as our monetary policy and acted like its fine, actually, he called you dumb if you questioned it, this video really make me want to buy btc

    • David Lin
      David Lin

      You have a poor understanding of how monetary policy works. The debt that the U.S incurred in WW2 was never paid off nor was it an issue because it economic growth and inflation made it insignificant. You also have no idea how ponzi schemes work. A ponzi scheme involves no real returns, whereas when the market rises its driven by real economic growth.

  • TonyZ

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  • William Jennings
    William Jennings

    The problem is that modern, posh RIcardian economics post-dates Constitutional Law on this issue. It's difficult to find a buzz word which is not also anachronism.

  • Fiddlesticks!

    Am I the only one who feels sorry for the dog in 14:40?

  • Jason

    Rich get richer, and no better way on the planet than to hedge on US govt despite risks - seems riskier everywhere anyways.

  • Justin Morales
    Justin Morales

    Oof. Sarah Palin is not a good public speaker.

    • orlock20

      Politicians are poor speakers. We already know they are going to lie before they open their mouth.

  • Gillean Freire
    Gillean Freire

    "the Iron Bank will have its due"

  • Hegeleze

    I'll save you 20 minute each week: "Oooh, some politician was hypocritical. Be angry. Funny story. Follow the center-left line I will give to you." Rinse and repeat. It's not even entertainment anymore.

  • alexae1367

    So good!

  • MUCH_

    "Why do we need a trillion dollar defense budget" is the real question

  • Sagitarrius A*
    Sagitarrius A*

    Funny is that these jokers didn't give a shit when Trump was president. Now that Biden is president, debt matters.

  • Tue Sorensen
    Tue Sorensen

    The entire history of capitalism is rich people saying, "Hey, I got an idea! Let's have more tax cuts for us!!!"

  • Den

    comedian talking about economics with millions of views- no wonder USA is is in this economic shit.

  • Ëë Mage
    Ëë Mage

    My father used to tell me, "When you spend more than you produce, eventually something will go wrong." I have followed my father's advice and I am not complaining.

  • Trub1

    Most people cannot imagine what those numbers mean. Anything beyond a million dollars just sounds like ALOT. 1 million 1,000,000 1 Household 1 billion 1,000,000,000 1 NYC Skyscraper 1 trillion 1,000,000,000,000 All of NYC real estate 1 quadrillion 1,000,000,000,000,000 ???? 2 Earths ??? Oliver didn't address key issues of FED classic misdirection

  • Covid Delusion B117
    Covid Delusion B117

    You can’t be in Debt if you’re printing your own money Joe Biden

    • David Lin
      David Lin

      Hes right, and its obvious to anyone who can apply some logic and critical thinking.

  • Clar Ice Tayag
    Clar Ice Tayag

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  • Charles Renner
    Charles Renner

    Debt interest payment will soon exceed our military budget. We have nothing to show for all this debt. When the debt interest payment exceeds the government revenue, is this a tipping point?

    • David Lin
      David Lin

      USA defense budget in fiscal year 2020 is $721.5 billion. The US interest payment in the same period is $345billion so you're wrong in your assertion. Since 80% of US debt is held by the public, interest payments go back to the public. Interest payments paid to foreigners are in USD, so it eventually returns to the U.S in the form of investments or imports. Its also arithmetically impossible for interest payments to exceed government revenue. The U.S debt is only an issue for people with no understanding of basic economics.

  • Sophie Harkins
    Sophie Harkins

    What is your favorite graphing calculator?

  • AJHyoton

    That PSA at the end.....Wow! Still, it is hard to not dismiss bratty, precocious kids that curse. Was the F-Bomb at the end really necessary, or am I the one who needs to grow up? No. Someone else. When F Bombs are unnecessary, skip them. Every thing else was cool. Not a clock!!

  • alberto barajas
    alberto barajas

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  • Jonathan Richter
    Jonathan Richter

    You admit that you have absolutely no idea if debt is good or bad. Not just you don't know, but the one economist you interviewed for your video also doesn't know. And since he doesn't know, then no economists must know. Except, they guy said right at the beginning of his comment that "I don't want to speak for my entire profession."! But people you don't like have said it's bad, so that must mean its good. And look, here's a really cute video with little kids cursing, and they don't know either! I guess no one knows, John! So that means, the sensible thing to do is to keep borrowing as much as we can, so that we can finally determine "How much debt is too much?" And we're borrowing it dirt cheap! If a year from now interest rates ares several points higher, then we'll just cut $2-3 trillion in spending so we don't borrow under such adverse conditions. Right? You're like a heroin addict saying "Well, I haven't OD'd yet. Guess I'll try a little more!"

    • David Lin
      David Lin

      The U.S debt is a non issue except to those who are painfully ignorant of how economics work. The U.S national debt is entirely denominated in USD, a currency controlled by the U.S government. It will NEVER face a repayment crisis. It will never need to "CUT SPENDING" to finance its debt under higher interest rate environments. You also seem to not understand that U.S interest rates are dictated purely by the Fed.

  • Science27

    Do people watch this show? My first viewing of this guy. More entertainment than actual facts.

  • Joey Hollenberg
    Joey Hollenberg

    Now check who ownes the money and the printers is it your own government?

    • Joey Hollenberg
      Joey Hollenberg

      Greece got "saved" by the EU because it's part off the EU Who will save the U.S. when the payment is due? Japan, China or your money printer? Check the state of everything around you roads, railroads, sidewalks everything is it all in great condition? If not you got screwed and lost your money.

  • Franz Fortuny L
    Franz Fortuny L

    That's exactly right! Keep money flowing, never stop it. It is sick and perverse to stop the flow of money. We must never stop the flow of money. Stopping the flow of money is like the Universe stopping, the Sun stopping to turn hydrogen into helium, the Earth stopping to spin around its axis, the Moon stopping to rotate around Earth. Nature exists only because it flows, it is constantly moving, it is constantly changing. The flow of money makes things happen; if you stop it, you stop life! At least in the socio-economic system we have chosen to function in.

  • Next Gen
    Next Gen

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  • William Willard
    William Willard

    There is no national debt!!! When the government can print all the money we just more talk. Mag pies.

  • Ryan Howe
    Ryan Howe

    This show used to be enjoyable.

  • Franz Fortuny L
    Franz Fortuny L

    Money is constantly flowing from entity to entity. It never stops. When it does, things do not happen, things stop. Every single time money flows from one entity to another, something happens that increases the GNP and for the GNP to grow, MONEY NEEDS TO FLOW among entities. It does not matter what money is spent on, it always makes something move or change. If more money is injected into the global stream of money flow, some entities will benefit directly and some indirectly. No entity loses anything when money is injected and the global amount of money increases, EXCEPT an entity that relies in the value of money for its future possibilities. Any entity that bases its progress in cash accumulation, will LOSE every single time the global amount of money is increased. Most of the time there is a healthy balance between things being produced and the need for them. The need for them is measured by the amount of money units being spent on them. If the flow of money stops. the incentive to produce stops, too. It is absolutely necessary to continue making money flow among entities. The system can only strive if things are moving and things only move when money flows. For money to flow, each entity involved in the flow MUST have something to offer that the buying entity is willing or needing to pay for.

  • Lau Da
    Lau Da

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  • Franz Fortuny L
    Franz Fortuny L

    Something is not right in the logic of money. The debt is what a person ows to another person. The legal person called USA has a debt of 28 trillion to another Legal or Natural person. Who is the creditor? What is the name of the creditor? Where is the creditor? How can the creditor collect back that amount of money?

  • George Collier
    George Collier

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  • A. Worden
    A. Worden

    Wow John. You've become a trite left wing talking head whose show is full of ad hominem arguments. Do another segment on this in 5 years and tell me debt is no big deal. We're in the roaring 20s again, and we all should know how that ended. Foolish.

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma

    Any suggestions on how we can get Republican voters to watch John Oliver and blow their minds?

  • C I
    C I

    Let's be very clear.......the debt skyrockets when taxes are slashed and defense spending (for no reason whatsoever) is increased. End of story. It's not brain surgery.

  • Pamela Casanova Lorca
    Pamela Casanova Lorca

    Mainstream economists have no idea. MMT economists have been right for ages.

  • Pamela Casanova Lorca
    Pamela Casanova Lorca

    Everyone read Stephanie Kelton's "The Deficit Myth"

  • Dave Land
    Dave Land

    I never noticed his cloth-covered sleeve buttons before.

  • lisa C
    lisa C

    Great shows.get angry after most of the shows bc0 The Republican 0 representatives and governors around the country don't care and it's disgusting

  • Noah Kaufman
    Noah Kaufman

    This won't age well.

  • Will

    This is actually a relatively bad and non-nuanced look at the debt problem. I would’ve preferred if John had looked at both sides of this issue - the bad possibilities along with the good ones.

  • Art1985

    While america have strong army and secret service... nobody will demand america to return money, but for how long it will last?

  • Ralph Bernhard
    Ralph Bernhard

    1:50 Most of those GOP old farts had no problem spending trillions on forever wars...

  • A G
    A G

    Reps when they are in the drivers seat: “lower taxes for the rich! Debt? Hmmmm? Reps when they aren’t: “there’s so much debt!”

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama

    close to 8thousand people should not vote. thank you √√√√

  • redcaddiedaddie

    John Oliver's sense of humor has always cracked me up, as I imagine it does most people ( with the possible exception of Adam Driver LOL!! ), but the last 2 minutes & ten seconds just 'hits it out of the park'- it's friggin' COMEDIC GOLD!!

  • Agustin Marius Tataran
    Agustin Marius Tataran

    John Oliver just lost any credibility, not that he had uch left...

  • Tally Jones
    Tally Jones

    13:06 The Ted Cruz Poem

  • jason gay
    jason gay

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  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr

    No one could ever live up to that wonderful Nicolas Cage pillow! It’s power is too great!!!

  • Michael Maltese
    Michael Maltese

    I mustve fallen into a marxists asshole. I'm out

    • Kirbly

      @Michael Maltese you used liberal and socialist to describe each other, you obviously have no idea what either are.

    • Michael Maltese
      Michael Maltese

      @addison the entire liberal socialist movement

    • addison

      point to the marxism

  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith

    This guy is so damn annoying.

  • Austin101123

    Reeee you didnt mention obama making the tax cuts permanent!

  • Michael Maltese
    Michael Maltese

    It's okay because we have 800 trillion wiggle room no matter what kinda bullshit we're fed.

    • toijg avnnr
      toijg avnnr

      with some of his points, like the government has decided to go big rather than small in order help the economy recover.

  • Jon Malay
    Jon Malay

    Those Debts owned by someone at the 'Heart of the East'' (Not China maybe) and perhaps its over 500 years old debts

  • marsfan30


  • Jaymeister92

    This is super misleading I don’t even know where to start

  • Saggit

    22:11 Did they make some children swear and say “grow the fuck up”? :)

  • dszklar

    This is probably the worst explanation for how government debt works that I have ever seen