Plastics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Plastic is in everything, from the clothes we wear to the water we drink. John Oliver explains how plastics are harming the planet, why recycling isn’t the solution you think it is, and why fixing the problem will be up to not just consumers, but corporations and policymakers.
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  • Jehanzeb Naeem Khan
    Jehanzeb Naeem Khan

    Wow - this didn't age well - Prince Phillip passed away today!

  • Andy Krauser
    Andy Krauser

    I love Richard Kind so much y'all.

  • Marvin Gershowitz
    Marvin Gershowitz

    we should make the Oil Companies PAY FOR THE MESS... they drill we either have Plastic or river fires.

  • Marvin Gershowitz
    Marvin Gershowitz

    Plastic Smoke hangs Low to the ground because it's Heavier than burning grass or other materials. I was responsible for a lot of the mess in the lower Rio Grande Valley for a few years. ... I never did anything that knew was illegal, but I didn't say anything if companies I knew and others did lot of terrible damage to the environment and the people of the area. Plastic is the WASTE Material of OIL and it was invented to find a way to hide the Trash. I once had 100 U.S. Companies during the Maquila Industrial age between the USA and MEXICO, buying their waste metals and dumping their trash while taking from Paul to Pay Peter that was liked well by the Industries there.

  • profecychild

    Throughout University we were corrected again and again to refrain from the term "developed nation" and begin moving toward high income/low income. Because the term "developed" suggests that not following the same cultural norms somehow makes many low income "not developed" even though they do not want to participate in norms like the USA.

  • random person
    random person

    People screwed up the planet.

  • glad lawson
    glad lawson

    Yes nature .. one things waste becomes another things carcinogen. It could come back as a nightmare.

  • V HS
    V HS

    a fucking credit card weekly? thats honestly insane. i mean, i already eat a few credit cards a week, but now i'll need to cut back

  • Beck Cetera
    Beck Cetera

    K but wait...those recycling mascots...aren't their costumes made out of non-recyclable materials? The hypocrisy is real haha.

  • Kyle Hampton
    Kyle Hampton

    I kinda skipped over this vid for awhile because I was like “oh of course, plastic everywhere, too much plastic” glad I clicked and watched with full attention (well to be debated lol) It is incredible the amount of personal responsibility we feel when it comes to recycling and even the rewarding feeling when we do so, which isn’t totally off key. While, yes, the industry is greedy and needs to be stopped, we can still choose certain products with less plastic. Eating more whole foods instead of processed. Using reusable bags. Stopping the wish-cycling (guilty 🤷🏻‍♂️). Getting a water filter and using a water bottle instead of buying bottled water (Alexapure Pro is a fantastic ~$200 ish investment that sits on your counter and filters tap water for a few years before you need a new filter) Buying things in glass containers whenever possible. Bars of soap instead of liquid. These are all little ways you can help while also advocating for bans. ✊🏻

  • Reilly-K

    That Nestle clip on "bottles as nutrients" made me realize that I cringe whenever I hear the word "biological", and that I have legitimate reason to.

  • Argumemnon

    Of COURSE the US didn't ratify that ban. The United States Constitution probably has a clause in it that you have to eventually destroy the world.

  • stone1andonly

    I think it bears mentioning that the United States leads the world in the recycling of bullshit. Republicans still believe there is truth in the "trickle-down theory", regardless of the fact that it was long ago proven to be total bullshit. QAnon - recycled bullshit. Trump having a conscience - recycled bullshit. Lindsey Graham having either a conscience or any attraction to women - 100% recycled bullshit. If America made a commitment to recycling plastic waste the way we recycle bullshit, this problem would almost be a non sequitur. Sadly, it falls to John Oliver, who routinely deals with many of our toughest issues and a large portion of our recycled bullshit.

  • Callme KageD
    Callme KageD

    it's the fishing industry that is killing the ocean not plastics.

  • Alex Rompen
    Alex Rompen

    Disagree. The problem IS us... people want convenience, they dont want to look in the future to see what might happen, they just care about what happens today.

  • Volgotha

    Throw it at a sun far away idk

  • Yo Semites!!
    Yo Semites!!


  • NebulousWeb

    I wonder what would happen if we all made little business-card style cards that said 'I wanted to buy this product, but it had too much plastic wrapping. Please tell your suppliers to reduce it'. Then you could leave a card by the individually wrapped mangoes, or the bread bags that have an unnecessary plastic window, or dozens of other products with unwarranted packaging. They might start to get the message if they have to pick up hundreds of cards off their shelves every evening. The other thing we could start doing is taking our plastic packaging en masse back to the supermarket at the end of the week (before we actually take it to the recycle point). We could make a show of saying that we didn't want the packaging, just the products, and that the unwanted plastics are the supermarket's responsibility. Of course, they'll refuse it and we'll have to take it away again to the recycle point. But if enough people did this once a week, maybe it would be enough hassle for them that they start getting the message. Whatever way we deal with it, it's clear that the food producers and supermarkets are the one's who have to change. It's totally unfair to only give consumers the choice of buying and taking responsibility for the pollution, or not buying at all when there is no real alternative for most people. We also need to be vocal when there is a choice. In MacDonalds and Burger King, for instance, TELL the server that you don't want the stupid toy with the kid's meal, and you think that it's disgraceful that many thousands of these things end up in landfill every week after the children get bored of them after five minutes. TELL them that they've given you too many sauce sachets. TELL them that you'd prefer paper straws. But we also do have responsibilities. STOP buying crap you don't need for your house and car. DON'T change your phone every year, just because they tell you the new version is better. Try to take care of your things, and SELL your old stuff on second-hand websites instead of taking it straight to the dump. Likewise, check second-hand websites before you buy new. DONATE to charity shops/organisations so your things get further use. Buy one sofa that will last fifteen years, instead of going through three or four Ikea sofas in the same duration. Shop in local grocers when you can, where the only packaging is a paper bag (or the reusable bag you take with you). It's so obvious now that we've been lied to for the last forty years, and our trust has been very misplaced. Where there is profit to be made, businesses and politicians couldn't care less about the environment or their own responsibilities. They never stop and ask themselves if they should be doing what they're doing, as long as they generate profit. They are sociopaths, and WE have to be their conscience. Tell them at every opportunity that what they're doing is wrong and harmful.

  • Prabhkirat Dhillon
    Prabhkirat Dhillon

    Much needed topic John. Nice LV tie as well you stylish Toucan!

  • Tammy Stratford
    Tammy Stratford

    John, when were you in my house, and is that just your number? Imma call it. Stay out of my drawers, weirdo!

  • D Bone
    D Bone

    Anyone else wanna see that Slurp movie?

  • Madame A.
    Madame A.

    As long as $$$$ is more important than our planet and all lives, we will keep cutting the branch we're sitting on...Human greed is the core of all evil happening since the dawn of humanity.

  • Laura Gray
    Laura Gray

    I live in Canada, and I had a thought to produce a specific packaging out of waxed hemp. You know the packaging, plastic netted bags.. oranges, avocados, potatoes.. you know the bags. I was trying to source materials and I found because hemp is classified with such a low THC content it's deemed cannabis more often then hemp, which forces growers out of business.. just so much red tape. It's the same issue in America, when I was coming up with the design and manufacturing process for the bags I stumbled across someone who worked in a hemp processing plant in USA and he had lost his job.. not to COVID but because his company was going out of business, just wasn't a market for it... if we could use the hemp fibers for fabric alone it would dramatically change carbon footprints. Let alone the countless other uses it provides. Cannabis and hemp should not of been decrimilized.. it should deregulated. What's your favorite hemp product?

  • skel8tor

    10 years back i asked a nutritionist for advice on food She said "If it comes in a packet; don't eat it. if it wasn't available 1000 years ago; don't eat it" ...intersting answer

  • Kenneth Cochrane
    Kenneth Cochrane

    I rolled a joint before this rolling my eyes at the legally sold weed I buy now covered in colourful attractive packaging I suppose geared to promote it to children. I miss the the days when I went to my guy with my own bag and could see my weed get weighed. In fact I don't eat as well these days because when I see fruits and vegetables wrapped in plastic in modernized packaging with cartoony pictures I feel like it's not food. Good job discouraging me to eat, you're killing me in many ways.

  • Elmyst

    At around 9.32 he claims that the average person uses 4000 plastic umbrellas per year. That’s more than 4 per day. Not sure if his sources are credible.


    He’s a furry! Oh GOD..... nO

  • Xueria

    I work at a recycling plant. I am shocked by all the crap that people throw at us, even ignoring all the non recyclable plastic. Food scraps, clothing, wood, furniture, carpet. I swear, more than half the stuff we get in just gets sorted out and thrown into the trash compactor. We've even been told that some cardboard is to be thrown out, specifically if it was used for frozen food packaging, because manufacturers put a coating on it that makes it not recycle nearly as easily as other cardboard, so it is considered contamination and companies can refuse to take bales of cardboard if it has too much of it. Also, laminated paper. The hell are we supposed to do with that? It's paper irreversibly coated in plastic, you can't separate the plastic from the paper, so it's complete garbage.

  • Sébastien Richard
    Sébastien Richard

    As an industrial designer by trade, a topic badly covered is the amount of recycling material that can handle the process of plastic injection. A « new » product can usually handle maximum of 20% of used plastics. And again, it will produce only black material which is a downgraded plastic. When too much of « old » material is added, the integrity of the recycled melange becomes irregular and generally out of specs. Finally, even with a « type » of plastic, as with reciepies, there are adjuvents (stabilisators) that are often added and change the Chemical composition and purity of the plastic.

  • Phantom Stranger
    Phantom Stranger

    Why is this age restricted? I have never seen age restrction on a John Oliver video until now. JPflow PC Police must be at it again.

  • fallingapot

    It takes 4 acres of trees to produce the same # of paper plates as one acre of hemp.

  • D K
    D K

    I killed Jesus because I am Jew. Please cover this story ASAP

  • Sean Hebert
    Sean Hebert

    Hey Oliver, for once, why don’t you do a fucking show on how awesome the west is. How because of liberty, capitalism, free markets, property rights and limited government we brought a billion people out of poverty in less than a hundred years. How we increased lifespan. How we almost ended infant mortality. Just in general, how about recognizing some of the awesome things about society, technology and modern times. Your bit is getting old.

  • BAM!

    Once again you can thank capitalism for the pollution of our oceans, land and people.

  • Jf H
    Jf H

    John: So what can we REALLY do here? Me: Stop election Republicans? John: The change will need to come from the plastic industry Me: The people making zillions of dollars polluting the ocean?

  • Amy Zuch
    Amy Zuch

    Nestle is fucking evil.

  • Furycrab

    I mean... my city gives me an enormous recycling bin, and limits me to 1 small container per 2 weeks that can barely contain 1 bag of Garbage. You better believe when I look at something, I'm going to be wishing hard it can be recycled.

  • Lee Wood
    Lee Wood

    As a BTS Stan... yes.

  • Parmeet Bhogal
    Parmeet Bhogal

    We’re fucked

  • Chris Mansouri
    Chris Mansouri

    Hahaha I was wondering why it was age-restricted until @0:25 seconds into the video

  • BlackBox863

    Hers an idea make bottles out of glass and tin, paper bags, cardboard, stop making plastic we don't need it

  • FredlocksAsher2012

    lets all forget about recycling and start to promote Re-fundable. There is a reason why we don't see iron and steel lying around beaches and city streets, mostly because those materials have a value. we should create a national Re-fundable LAW where all companies manufacturing plastic products must have a refundable program. my main point is to return there shit and get money back for doing so. Coco Cola should be expanding there re-fundable program or be forced by the government to do so,. I can also think of a few other companies, BIC lighters, Walmart shopping bags etc.,. they should offer at lease $0.10cents for returning their empty plastic shit and this should be a law. we don't care if they store them at their facility until they can find a way to re-use or recycle it, the main point is its not going into a land fill or a recycling box but going back directly to the manufacture. END OF PROBLEM! thanks you lol please share this idea with your local and state governments. Recycling is out Re-fundable is in

  • CJ T
    CJ T

    There is no ethical consumption under capitalism~

  • Logan Rolls
    Logan Rolls

    So Bob Murray is better than Totes McGoats because he committed fully to being a furry? I'm not stating you're a furry Bob I'm just asking questions

  • Eulogy

    I love that CBC Marketplace became a primary source for Last Week Tonight. It's a mashup I love.

  • Chris R
    Chris R

    Just saw Seaspiracy too, we are destroying the ocean 😥

  • Lindsay Desjardins
    Lindsay Desjardins

    My only complaint about banning "single use plastics" is that PAPER STRAWS NEED TO GO...there HAS to be a better. There is LITERALLY NO PERSON ON THE PLANET that honestly thought that this was EVER a good idea. They NEVER last for an entire drink of anything. They ALWAYS make your drink taste like drink + paper. Put coffee-style/beer-at-events- style lids on drinks and be done with straws altogether. Or find out where Shake Shak gets their biodegradable, perfectly usable straws from and go that direction

  • Lindsay Desjardins
    Lindsay Desjardins

    In Canada, many grocery stores have gone to paper bags, boxes, or $0.25 reusable bags recently. Guess what the trash in my apartment building was filled with last week? The plethora of "reusable" bags people don't need.

  • Lindsay Desjardins
    Lindsay Desjardins

    How much extra micro plastics are we inhaling while working in hospitals wearing cheap blue plastic masks? I have learned to breathe perfectly fine. And am so used to it by now, we're probably never going to work unmasked again. Why accept being sickened by ill patients regularly? But...My nose instantly gets itchy every shift. And I wear them 12+ hours straight. 36-48 hours a week not including personal mask wearing.

  • rozemarijnmirteluiks

    Watch SEASPIRACY !! MOST PLASTICS in the sea come from the FISHING industry!

  • nirobu

    @8:57 didn't think the wizard's first rule would apply so perfectly in this situation

  • am mess
    am mess

    I like how he is always moving on at the beginning!

  • Wainwright Dilliner
    Wainwright Dilliner

    The graceful colt cranially mate because change singly smoke modulo a cultured millisecond. wry, early expansion

  • Wainwright Dilliner
    Wainwright Dilliner

    The capricious cocktail lilly reign because humidity usually post onto a sassy chance. abiding, undesirable milkshake

  • knate44

    Blob fish look nicer when they are under the high pressures of the ocean floor. I'm sure you wouldn't look so hot if you were in his home being squished by thousands of pounds of water pressure.

  • frostnetz

    I did the math and the Great Pacific Patch alone is roughly 0.27% of our planets surface.. Microplastics let's goooo!

  • Brent Senior
    Brent Senior

    WTF MORE PLASTIC THAN FISH what is wrong with us.

  • RedThunderDan

    Ahh says it is 2 weeks ago, must be brand new... I literally checked yesterday and this video was not here/visible on his channel

  • Sigrún Katrín
    Sigrún Katrín

    My impression of the united states when I went there as a tourist in 2018 was horrible. First, all the hotels I stayed in used plastic plates, glasses and silverware, that doesn't get recycled. We were so shocked, we still talk about it. If we had known beforehand, of course we never would have stayed there. Secondly, When we went swimming in Miami beach, we were covered in garbage when we got out of the water. It was disgusting. These people seriously need to get their act together.

  • BrokeredHeart

    This pandemic has been a boon for the plastics industry, as people moved back to requesting individually wrapped goods, grocery bags that are a one-time use, and the health crisis precipitated a demand for "disposable" facemasks and gloves. I've been walking around my neighborhood noticing them all scattered along the sidewalk and in parking lots as the winter snow melts. It's very frustrating that we're still driving this industry to maintain destructive environmental practices. Also, a good note for anyone wearing those paper and elastic masks, when you're done with them, please cut the ear bands. They get looped around the beaks, feet, and necks of wildlife. Or better yet, switch to double liner cloth ones with a carbon filter in them - they're washable, and in the length of the pandemic, they're more cost effective. We all have purchasing power, and while it's alluring to see "made from 100% recycled plastics" on tubs and jars in the grocery aisle, really ask yourself if that's the best they can come up with. Pressure your major grocery chains to pursue food processing companies with a higher percentage of products that are wrapped in biodegradable, or truly recyclable materials, like glass, metal, or paper. And join your local city council discussion panels on recycling and waste management to listen in and contribute on future plans to increase green waste policies and removing plastics from your waste stream. All that junk we've been sending overseas for "those people" to deal with is being shipped right back to us, so it's time we start analyzing what we're tossing, and questioning the companies that are producing this much waste on why they refuse to innovate how their products are made and displayed.

  • Spinward Bound
    Spinward Bound

    Great episode

  • Eric Franklin
    Eric Franklin

    Wait a second, are you saying corporations don’t give a shit about people and are willing to disguise their bs practices for more profit despite it destroying the planet? WELL COLOUR ME SURPRISED!

  • JanineBean

    Lol why is it always America that didn’t ratify the super important international agreement

  • JanineBean

    Apparently that blowfish picture is actually of a rotting one and is nothing like what a blob fish looks like

  • MRR D
    MRR D

    Good time to look up the Philippines' Smokey Mountain

  • Bill Turner
    Bill Turner

    Melania has a Gold strap on she uses on Donald.

  • MRR D
    MRR D

    Plastic from Canada was sent back in shipping containers from the Philippines and they had to burn it all in Vancouver. It doesn't get recycled, it gets dumped in other countries. It sucks it's still so prevalent in supposedly first world nations.

  • Boitumelo Seema
    Boitumelo Seema

    Weeeeeeee, BTS 😍😍😍😍

  • lil sam
    lil sam

    I thought this would be an episode about THE plastics, ala Regina George, Cady Heron, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith, and when I found out it wasn't... I have to say, Im really disappointed in you, Cady.

  • Nick Lang
    Nick Lang

    Try stores that give you an option to bring your own container so you can refill your products. I wish there were more stores like it, I think some people are calling it a Refillery.

    • Reilly-K

      That should be the norm everywhere, honestly.

  • Oxnyx of The Winter Stars
    Oxnyx of The Winter Stars

    Nice reuse of CBC marketplace

  • Logan Gunn
    Logan Gunn

    Way to bite Climate Town's thing John. But seriously this needs to be known by everyone in the World good job!

  • WTF Cat
    WTF Cat

    How is this age restricted what the fuck happened?

  • Tom Bryce-Hart
    Tom Bryce-Hart

    Seriously, call the number on the post-it note from the drawer. It's worth it.

  • Somewhere Upthere
    Somewhere Upthere

    Totes McGoats is an awesome name.

  • Zavier Kaiserian
    Zavier Kaiserian

    I was really worried they'd have Slurp choke on a plastic bottle cap.

  • TralliE

    Totes McGoats is so bad that I love him.

  • Robert Neve
    Robert Neve

    Got to love how he tries to scare you with "oh the plastic ends up in us" but then supports masks where, that's right, plastic ends up inside us. The plastic in both cases is inert and does not cause any permanent harm.

    • Robert Neve
      Robert Neve

      @Jara M highlighting the recycling was good. But the take away message I got was this is all the big corps fault and maybe buy a little less plastic in the supermarket. I think mentioning clothing or discarded masks would have been better. Also personally the whole topic was to big for this type of show. If doing it right

    • Jara M
      Jara M

      @Robert Neve you are absolutely right about the microplastics in our clothing being a huge issue. I will say, In fairness, plastic is such a massive issue where would you begin? Its world wide and John Oliver already said it is in everything everywhere. He could go over the microplastics in clothes, masks, ect... and spend a whole episode or more talking about that industry. He could also go over how toothpaste, shampoo and beauty products are loading our lakes and rivers with microplastics that were intentionally put in the products. There are parks in my country that had earth filled over massive landfills that are now so unsafe they were closed, we all know whales, fish, birds, ect...often have thier stomachs loaded with large plastic objects. That's not even the beginning of the problem. I have seen hour long documentaries on these topics alone. What would you pick in a half hour to go over? I think he did a good job with the short time he had, and if any previously unaware person has just watched this and wants to know more, well there's a whole internet rabbit hole of documentaries on plastic pollution made by well known sources and even indie youtubers that could absorb hours of your time. Personally I'm happy he went over the recycling because a lot of people I know still falsely believe they are doing good. When I tell them otherwise and tell them about this here they say, "well that's America for you." Which is bullshit and frustrating because investigative journalists have already blown open the recycling to be as dirty in my country as anywhere else. They also think landfills are not a horrible thing as long as the cigarette butt or take out coffee cup sitting on the sidewalk is out of sight out of mind. 🤦‍♀️

    • Robert Neve
      Robert Neve

      @Tatiana Specht not legal in most eu countries on account of their little issue of them not working

    • Tatiana Specht
      Tatiana Specht

      @Robert Neve I wear reusable cloth masks.

    • Robert Neve
      Robert Neve

      @Tatiana Specht need me to tell you what those masks are made of? Plastic microfibres. As you breath through the mask these fibres shed and go into our bodies. In very rare cases they build up and cause irritation but are easily cleared. Otherwise they go straight through us. Now as for the masks all hitting the trash and marine environments..... Guess that's not our job anymore but the mask manufacturers. But in short surgical and n95 masks are all plastic fibres same as those polyester clothes that shed into the water system through your washing machine. The real source of a lot of the microplastics in our water ways and oceans. Unfortunately this guy doesn't like to really educate and explain. He just shows a narrow sliver of the issues to exploit it for a particular goal

  • Andrew Godfrey
    Andrew Godfrey

    omg another animal sex joke. this is getting weird

  • TheShenmueMaster


  • Fandom guy
    Fandom guy

    A nugget of hope, there is bacteria that can consume plastic, that natural metabolism but without the nestle lies.

  • Bilbo Boggins
    Bilbo Boggins

    I used to work at a recycling plant, it was depressing how little actually got recycled, even the stuff thats "recyclable" got thrown out because there wasn't enough profit in it

    • FredlocksAsher2012

      lets all forget about recycling and start to promote Re-fundable. There is a reason why we don't see iron and steel lying around beaches and city streets, mostly because those materials have a value. we should create a national Re-fundable LAW where all companies manufacturing plastic products must have a refundable program. my main point is to return there shit and get money back for doing so. Coco Cola should be expanding there re-fundable program or be forced by the government to do so,. I can also think of a few other companies, BIC lighters, Walmart shopping bags etc.,. they should offer at lease $0.10cents for returning their empty plastic shit and this should be a law. we don't care if they store them at their facility until they can find a way to re-use or recycle it, the main point is its not going into a land fill or a recycling box but going back directly to the manufacture. END OF PROBLEM! thanks you lol please share this idea with your local and state governments. Recycling is out Re-fundable is in

  • Wełłs

    Why did he do a fake voice for the Harry Potter bit

  • Justin

    Any other Canadians were getting flashbacks of our countries feud with the Philippines a few years ago over "recycled plastics" we sent there and took back and burned?

    • Lindsay Desjardins
      Lindsay Desjardins

      😬😱🤷🤦🙅 unfortunately yes

  • Unlimited

    in new zealand we recycle all plastics :P

    • alexander williams
      alexander williams

      We don't

  • Ellis Pedersen
    Ellis Pedersen

    One of my college professors told my class that if you rinse out a plastic before recycling it, the water waste is more damaging than not recycling, and this video sadly makes me believe him.

    • Jara M
      Jara M

      Ugh I believe it, and the water waste is a whole other issue. I already try to not over do it on water usage for environmental and financial reasons (water bills are high in my area.) But I found it really frustrating that a friend of mine was washing a plastic take out container (that I know is not getting recycled) for 3 minutes at my house. Like seriously what is that shit about? I could have washed the majority of my dishes with that water.

  • Hymm Leong
    Hymm Leong

    why was I expecting him to say Malaysia before he even say it

  • JP Robert
    JP Robert

    I lost it at "hypertension". He deserves a raise, John.

  • Adam Gullason
    Adam Gullason

    Burn it on Mars to create an OZONE

  • Anthony Gomez
    Anthony Gomez

    I died at 21:30 😂

  • gud name
    gud name

    Age restricted? What

  • Kakwann

    -Boss i need 50$ for the sketch this week! -What you gonna to buy this time, John? -A goat mask and a custom teal tshirt.

  • Robin Brijs
    Robin Brijs

    Love this show but man does he make the future look more grim each episode

  • The Samdroid Online
    The Samdroid Online

    No. The best thing is for less Humans. No more recycling, just hold back/produce less humans. We mess everything up.

  • The Samdroid Online
    The Samdroid Online

    8 billion people = the death of the planet.

  • duck duckland
    duck duckland

    this is the one talkshow guy that is actually good

  • JRS 1979
    JRS 1979

    Any possibility of slowing down? Ask HBO for a full hour?

  • miololix

    7:37 y'all know your audience so well, aka me. the last week tonight team are really doing the most out here

  • The Samdroid Online
    The Samdroid Online

    Agent Smith in The Matrix was right: Humans are a virus. We are ruining the world.

  • Zach Hart
    Zach Hart

    In Oregon...where I'm moving to...I won't be able to recycle freaking lettuce containers? Ugh