Meatpacking: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
The pandemic has thrown into high relief some of the longstanding issues surrounding working conditions in meatpacking facilities. John Oliver explains why greater oversight is needed, and how we can go about getting it.
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  • MegaScarletti

    I'm not sure that's the Chad most incels are complaining about...

  • MsHEADbanging

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  • Joseph k
    Joseph k

    Democrats wanting unrestricted immigration into the USA is what causes psychopath businesses to not be checked. Liberals may say that you want better working conditions for lower class people but you also want a large group of immigrants there to take the jobs of american workers whenever those american workers go on strike for better working conditions.

  • suspectsn0thing

    For reference, a cursory search puts the number of meatpacking employees at 500,000, which means that 57,543 Covid cases figure accounts for about 11.5% of the total workforce.

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones

    Here's the thing, if the workers join a Union, and I strongly recommend the IWW, aka the wobblies, they can collectively bargain for their rights purely by unified lightning strikes if their demands aren't met.. So, for a start, why aren't they wearing chainmail gloves on their holding hand? It's standard H&S practice for all butchers in the UK, unless they're at a much higher grade.. Facemasks on the production line, more spacing, etc, etc.. All far quicker solved by a Union explaining the benefits of happier, safer and therefore more productive staff..

  • Connor Simon
    Connor Simon

    Rewatching this after telling my supervisor “hey my leg hurts and I can’t put a lot of weight on it right now, can I go home?” And got told “just don’t put weight on it then”

  • mario yu
    mario yu

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  • beeble2003

    That 0.0003% claim doesn't seem to be true and seems to be based either on confusing income with profit or they forgot to multiply by 100 to get the percentage. JBS's profit in 2020 was about 4.6 billion Brazillial real, which is about $830 million. $15000 is 0.002% of $826 million. Still utter peanuts, but about a hundred times more peanuts than the program claims.

  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah

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  • Christian Schürch
    Christian Schürch

    "You frankly only need to take a peek inside the way this industry currently operates to draw a pretty simple conclusion": Stop eating meat?

  • Ronie Gerber
    Ronie Gerber

    late stage capitalism

  • luciddre4m

    This turns me off to eating meat even more than the act of slaughter itself.

  • Samuel Jackson
    Samuel Jackson

    The workers need to overthrow and destroy these companies. That is the ONLY way we’ll ever be free from exploitation.

  • Maric

    america needs goddamn unions

  • Li Li
    Li Li

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  • Danis beyden
    Danis beyden

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  • Sho Ta
    Sho Ta

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  • Josie McGraw
    Josie McGraw

    Yet people dig their heels in about their ‘right’ to eat meat, dairy and eggs, and openly mock vegans for not wanting to participate in the food torture system. A mad, mad world we live in.

  • Brett Martin
    Brett Martin

    The delivery of "while a perverted owl...just watches" killed me

  • Argumemnon

    That's what happens when profit is the only important thing.


    We have the exact same problem in Germany.

  • mario yu
    mario yu

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  • Xavier Twilight
    Xavier Twilight

    no wonder chicken is so cheap to buy

  • Dagorian Stark
    Dagorian Stark

    This is exactly what happens when you allow corporate rule

  • Kristal Reyes
    Kristal Reyes

    Not to mention how obese everyone is

  • aussiemedia1959

    In Australia OHS issues are raised at a monthly meeting with management representatives and are minuted. Ohs representatives conduct hazard identification and risk assessments. If an OHS representative deems a machine or work practice unsafe they have the power to issue the company with a PIN notice (provisional improvement notice) which gives the company 2 weeks to rectify the problem or that machine or work practice is shut down. If an OHS rep deems a work practice or machine poses an immediate risk they can shut it down immediately. In both of those instances the OHS representative is required to inform the governing body (WorkSafe) immediately. As for the practice of preventing employees using the toilet, an employer would have WorkSafe all over them if they even tried that. America needs to toughen up their Labor laws.

  • Jeremy Kirkham
    Jeremy Kirkham

    Put a box on your head??? How could you seriously ask someone that.

  • J H
    J H

    I love John Oliver, but why did he not read out loud that Asian workers are also being exploited in this industry? When it is clearly written in the article excerpt displayed next to his head about which minority groups are affected by this?

  • RJ

    Me, who's kept essentially vegetarian my whole life due to religion: ah yes, a subject that applies to me Edit: False alarm guys, turns out as a US citizen living in the hellscape we call home, it actually DOES apply to me. Fuck

  • Mike B
    Mike B

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  • Celia Ferreira
    Celia Ferreira

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  • Symphantic

    5.5K people just had their worldview AND their diet challenged

  • Tran Hong Ngoc
    Tran Hong Ngoc

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  • Slapstick Genius
    Slapstick Genius

    Well, Meatpacking doesn’t actually cause COVID.

  • ugug gugg
    ugug gugg

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  • Tran Hong Ngoc
    Tran Hong Ngoc

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  • TonyZ

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  • Ani

    Why does this meat 14:44 look so comical deep red as if somebody painted it red

  • Ani

    Same shit in germany and Tönjes. Most of the workers there where from east european countrys and lived in flats 3-6 people in one room

    • Ani

      Yea just watched all of the video. Usa still so much fucking worse jesus christ. Who neads healthcare anyway?

  • Brian Walley
    Brian Walley

    I used to work investigating compensation claims for the Australian Government. Under the legislation I was administering a worker cannot waive their rights to compensation. Even if someone forces them to sign a waiver it is not legally binding. But of course this is America where everything is f--d up, so anything goes, I guess

  • How to change name?
    How to change name?

    Their employee is as valuable as their products. Completely disposable cannon-fodder

  • Stenman99

    This is not just this industry, it's a Western management style that seems prevalent across most industries. Just that every now and then, management at one company or industry do something bad enough to get picked up and run by the press.

  • Bruce

    That under the production line incident could have been worse -------- I love being a Vegetarian.

  • Nathan Ellis
    Nathan Ellis

    Lads and gentlemen, I present to you The United States of Murica.. The "greatest" country in the world.

  • Gracie Cab
    Gracie Cab

    If you make 30,000 dollars a year your fine would be .09 cents less than a dime ! let that sink in .......

  • Ivan the Vegan
    Ivan the Vegan

    And this is a good reason to go vegan! Why support companies that treat workers like that

  • Darcie Anderson
    Darcie Anderson

    Industrial scale animal agriculture is deeply damaging to animals and people. Organisations which harm the environment usually don't worry too much about harming people in the process

  • Aydin Ozsakin
    Aydin Ozsakin

    This is just Capitalism at work. Not surprising, just miserable.

  • mack cummy
    mack cummy

    30 years and never called in sick? So he came to work sick?

  • mack cummy
    mack cummy

    Glad I live in Canada.

  • mack cummy
    mack cummy

    I heard of the diapers thing like over 10 years ago.

  • Inservio

    Holy shit what happened? Is he on prednisone?

  • squ ids
    squ ids

    Wait.....miss piggy has a sex tape???

  • Ewan Maynes
    Ewan Maynes

    This should not be news to anyone, companies having been doing this for ages. Just read the Jungle which describes the conditions of trust owned meat factories when Teddy Roosevelt was president.

  • somedeveloperblokey

    It's almost as though a capitalist was in charge and changed all the laws to favour the other capitalists... Capitalists who had to be forced by law to behave like human beings in the first place.

  • Sean Webb
    Sean Webb

    Robot Fuck A Soup is now in my arsenal.

  • Sean Webb
    Sean Webb

    Who won the pool?

  • Sean Webb
    Sean Webb

    Judy Dench is pretty awesome.

  • Al

    Just remember that if you eat food from places where workers can't take time off when they are coughing, spluttering and have runny noses, your food will be covered in their emissions.

  • Sean Cannon
    Sean Cannon

    Beau Pilgrim is exactly that dude from the first season of Preacher.

  • pinBin25

    The conditions in meat processing industry are simply appalling. Another horrible example of corporate greed and political corruption.

  • Mateja

    How about we stop needlessly killing animals and have the people in these death factories harvest plants instead?


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  • maria rahel varnhagen
    maria rahel varnhagen

    Dyggve v Boccaccio

  • William Hannigan
    William Hannigan

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  • Cee

    Slavery is alive and well in the US

  • Renee V
    Renee V

    The one thing that John had failed to mention and the Texas energy crisis is the reason why Texas is unregulated is because of oil! The landowners did not want the federal government regulating who received what portions of the oil once found therefore they run their own unregulated energy crisis as we have seen for many years but it will remain this way because of oil! Texans love their guns and their oil!

  • Eli Stoffman
    Eli Stoffman

    this was totally infuriating. is predatory capitalism all that America is about now? these guys need to unionize now. get the United food and commercial workers into all these places and if the company then stupidly opts out of workers comp the union can provide care and a lawyer to do what Americans do best... sue their ass off.

  • Dan Banks
    Dan Banks

    Yay capitalism

  • Mohamed Omer
    Mohamed Omer

    Such eloquence

  • Bailey Sargeant
    Bailey Sargeant

    This is one reason, I can’t eat meat and support this industry.

  • Alasdair Whyte
    Alasdair Whyte

    there's at least three zeros missing from that fine and some serious jail time too - america leading the world, in the race to the bottom of the cess-pit

  • Savarii

    I live in a small town in Texas where one of the Tyson plants are. It’s one of the biggest employers in our area and everything Oliver is talking about is true. They treat their people like shit, but people can’t quit because they need the job. My brother currently works at one of these plants. He works 14 hour work days slicing up animal guts and barely gets a lunch break.

  • Amanda McCallum
    Amanda McCallum

    Industries that historically treat their workers like crap don't magically change because there is a pandemic. Proper laws on workers rights is needed.

  • Kalergi Toonces
    Kalergi Toonces

    I would not want to be in a knife fight with someone who can process a chicken in 2 seconds

  • corina junior
    corina junior

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  • James Dickerson
    James Dickerson

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  • Waylon Graves
    Waylon Graves

    I used to work in tysons dark meat debone department. Every day i went in felt like prison and I didn't eat chicken at all for more than a year afterwards. I now frame houses 6 days a week 8 am to 7 pm w illegals and let me assure you it's better. They don't value employees at all let alone like fam...

  • Stacie

    I think we need to revisit "The Jungle" again seeing as this is how we treat people. Upton Sinclair would be disappointed

  • Sgt Bazza
    Sgt Bazza

    No mention of Biden again....LWT really misses Trump

  • Benjamin Gal-Or
    Benjamin Gal-Or

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  • Magdalena Arciszewska
    Magdalena Arciszewska

    Truth is you guys did it to yourself by consistently voting conservatives in. Do you seriously expect rich people to give a monkey about you?

  • Dontavis Bradley
    Dontavis Bradley

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    Seara Hyf

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    Jackey Chen

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  • Kaylee Alexander
    Kaylee Alexander

    Im gonna have a heart attack if i keep watching this show when im drinking due to the rage i feel at politicians in the world

  • Bob Sterg
    Bob Sterg

    7:40 So they shouldn‘t employ the unemployed?

  • Noah S-B
    Noah S-B


  • Benjamin Gal-Or
    Benjamin Gal-Or

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  • Buds Chrome
    Buds Chrome


  • SageSeliah

    JBS didn't want to pay the fines because they said the infections weren't work related? OMG, my company pays us even when a close relative of ours (unrelated to the company) dies, in ANY way, not to mention when something happens to one of us. We are not just treated as actual human beings, but almost as family members. They don't actually call us family, they act like we were. I can't believe this crappy, inhumane company. Is it run by psychopaths or something?

  • sum 1
    sum 1

    family more like $$$ and shareholders

  • Tullochgorum

    During the lockdown I finally made the move to plant-based eating. I've lost 40 lbs, I'm feeling better than I have for decades - and I no longer have to feel guilty about all the horrific stuff that's happening to the animals and the workers in the meat industry.

  • Akhere John
    Akhere John

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  • Shehab Kamal
    Shehab Kamal

    It seems like after all these years Upton Sinclair did miss both the heart and the stomach

  • Whole Food Plant Based Mama
    Whole Food Plant Based Mama

    Animal rights activists and Vegans know this! We have known this for many years. Welcome to being aware of how horrid that industry is.

  • Austin Mills
    Austin Mills

    115 years later, "The Jungle" is still a novel that exemplifies the American meat industry. Like, nothing's changed.

  • Michelle Pendergrass
    Michelle Pendergrass

    Damn. Those of us who can afford it, should stop buying that shit

  • osteri 16
    osteri 16

    Unions would be great.