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  • Den

    comedian talking about economics with millions of views- no wonder USA is is in this economic shit.

  • Jan Murray
    Jan Murray

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  • Jan Murray
    Jan Murray

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  • Jan Murray
    Jan Murray

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  • Brandon Kent
    Brandon Kent

    you wont debate him though simp

  • MegaScarletti

    "all of the epidemics have disappeared" *enter the pandemic*

  • Jan Murray
    Jan Murray

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  • Ëë Mage
    Ëë Mage

    My father used to tell me, "When you spend more than you produce, eventually something will go wrong." I have followed my father's advice and I am not complaining.

  • Charlotte LaBranche
    Charlotte LaBranche

    Well that was 25 minutes of my life wasted listening to this.

  • Cory ryder
    Cory ryder

    tucker spent a week speaking about racist trees

  • Trub1

    Most people cannot imagine what those numbers mean. Anything beyond a million dollars just sounds like ALOT. 1 million 1,000,000 1 Household 1 billion 1,000,000,000 1 NYC Skyscraper 1 trillion 1,000,000,000,000 All of NYC real estate 1 quadrillion 1,000,000,000,000,000 ???? 2 Earths ??? Oliver didn't address key issues of FED classic misdirection

  • Jaymizzyfoshizzy Mo
    Jaymizzyfoshizzy Mo

    just recommended.... hmmm

  • Cory ryder
    Cory ryder

    answer Why Tucker Carlson pretends to hate elites

  • Mason Bentley
    Mason Bentley

    I’m going to be honest I normally don’t find you very funny but this one was 10/10

  • Covid Delusion B117
    Covid Delusion B117

    You can’t be in Debt if you’re printing your own money Joe Biden

  • do jo
    do jo

    Oh, Tucker - superficial and boring.

  • r@munya
    [email protected]

    This is so fucked up 🤬

  • erkbun

    Don't worry, Biden said it's just a cultural difference.

  • Spicy Pancake
    Spicy Pancake

    Laura Ingraham needs to get off cable news and go back to whatever Little Miss Hitler pageant she crawled out of.

  • Ca Ca
    Ca Ca

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  • Cutiepatootsmagoots

    So this taught me that he is rude. But there isn’t a single fact about his policies. Or what he legislatively did right or wrong. I don’t feel like I learned anything. This is basically how the media covered Trump his entire term. Yes he is a shitty person. But what exactly did he physically do in his position?

  • MegaScarletti

    I'm not sure that's the Chad most incels are complaining about...

  • Donnaly Gala
    Donnaly Gala

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  • Carnbyarst

    There's no point in Medicare for all unless you get costs under control. In other words, stop getting robbed by pharma companies and hospitals

  • Ca Ca
    Ca Ca

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  • Clar Ice Tayag
    Clar Ice Tayag

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  • Charles Renner
    Charles Renner

    Debt interest payment will soon exceed our military budget. We have nothing to show for all this debt. When the debt interest payment exceeds the government revenue, is this a tipping point?

  • Tegan Griffiths
    Tegan Griffiths

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  • Claude Dexter
    Claude Dexter

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  • Sophie Harkins
    Sophie Harkins

    What is your favorite graphing calculator?

  • AJHyoton

    That PSA at the end.....Wow! Still, it is hard to not dismiss bratty, precocious kids that curse. Was the F-Bomb at the end really necessary, or am I the one who needs to grow up? No. Someone else. When F Bombs are unnecessary, skip them. Every thing else was cool. Not a clock!!

  • Tegan Griffiths
    Tegan Griffiths

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  • Veronica West
    Veronica West

    Speaking of 🐟.. Why are you not speaking about the oceans being depleted by the year 2048?!??

  • Dug Hamyio
    Dug Hamyio


  • alberto barajas
    alberto barajas

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  • jingo trooper
    jingo trooper

    how can bitcoin increase money counterfeiting on a chip whats the difference

  • Tegan Griffiths
    Tegan Griffiths

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  • Claude Dexter
    Claude Dexter

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  • random person
    random person

    People screwed up the planet.

  • Charles J
    Charles J

    Not me 🇺🇸😎

  • Tegan Griffiths
    Tegan Griffiths

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  • Kevin S.
    Kevin S.

    We only became aware of Tucker by his interest in and coverage of UFO's

  • Paulette Valiton
    Paulette Valiton

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  • John Wild
    John Wild

    Racism isn't ok... so why did he go racist against white people I was agreeing until that point

  • Zeldagigafan

    John collapsed? QUICK! let's pass the bill he was bitching about! Actually, that's what should happen anyways any time the caller leaves the lectern.

  • Siddharatha Singh
    Siddharatha Singh

    Completely misleading information

  • Melody099

    Questo episodio era il secondo? John, sei magico Belli i criceti

  • Jonathan Richter
    Jonathan Richter

    You admit that you have absolutely no idea if debt is good or bad. Not just you don't know, but the one economist you interviewed for your video also doesn't know. And since he doesn't know, then no economists must know. Except, they guy said right at the beginning of his comment that "I don't want to speak for my entire profession."! But people you don't like have said it's bad, so that must mean its good. And look, here's a really cute video with little kids cursing, and they don't know either! I guess no one knows, John! So that means, the sensible thing to do is to keep borrowing as much as we can, so that we can finally determine "How much debt is too much?" And we're borrowing it dirt cheap! If a year from now interest rates ares several points higher, then we'll just cut $2-3 trillion in spending so we don't borrow under such adverse conditions. Right? You're like a heroin addict saying "Well, I haven't OD'd yet. Guess I'll try a little more!"

  • Endoe Kronic
    Endoe Kronic

    It would be GREAT if he went after the BIG PHARMA and B&M Gates foundation, and how they are fucking over the worlds population by killing us!! But he never will... Because John is just another bitch ass puppet for HBO.

  • Adrienne Mestman
    Adrienne Mestman

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  • Adrienne Mestman
    Adrienne Mestman

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  • Dave E.
    Dave E.

    Five months later and I still can't believe how dumb people are.

  • ManInTheWorld

    You just labeled him as white supremacist but didn't argue against his points. Does uncontrolled immigration from Mexico benefits or harm USA?

  • Sontino

    If corporations such as the MLB and even Nike can take political sides in the US. Nike and other American corporations that do business in China should be able to use some type of leverage to pressure them to end this.

  • Science27

    Do people watch this show? My first viewing of this guy. More entertainment than actual facts.

  • astrolillo

    The British guy sounds jealous, arent all of them comedians? Or is it only fine to mock the Republicans and not the Democrats?

  • Next Gen
    Next Gen

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  • ManInTheWorld

    Iraqi don't use toilet paper because they use the superior invention the bidet.

  • PolinGuira


  • oxygen

    When you go into collage, you konw that there will be such debt, so if you consume, you have to pay. You can´t eat at a restaurant and then say you think it´s unfair that you have to pay. lol

  • Joey Hollenberg
    Joey Hollenberg

    Now check who ownes the money and the printers is it your own government?

    • Joey Hollenberg
      Joey Hollenberg

      Greece got "saved" by the EU because it's part off the EU Who will save the U.S. when the payment is due? Japan, China or your money printer? Check the state of everything around you roads, railroads, sidewalks everything is it all in great condition? If not you got screwed and lost your money.

  • Franz Fortuny L
    Franz Fortuny L

    That's exactly right! Keep money flowing, never stop it. It is sick and perverse to stop the flow of money. We must never stop the flow of money. Stopping the flow of money is like the Universe stopping, the Sun stopping to turn hydrogen into helium, the Earth stopping to spin around its axis, the Moon stopping to rotate around Earth. Nature exists only because it flows, it is constantly moving, it is constantly changing. The flow of money makes things happen; if you stop it, you stop life! At least in the socio-economic system we have chosen to function in.

  • Next Gen
    Next Gen

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  • Next Gen
    Next Gen

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  • William Willard
    William Willard

    There is no national debt!!! When the government can print all the money we just more talk. Mag pies.

  • Cutiepatootsmagoots

    True that still literally no one could tell you on the spot what net neutrality is. “Preventing cable company f*ckery” is excellent branding.

  • Cutiepatootsmagoots

    “The tech companies have discovered the great truth of America. If you want to do something evil, put it inside something boring”. That ladies and gentlemen is the entire presidential platform of Joe Biden. He is the lifeless figurehead for radical policy. But he’s so boring and the Pravda media is so dedicated to flattering him THAT NO ONE HAS ANY IDEA. Because the American public prefers not to know so they can pat themselves on the back for their abundance of empathy and morality. Useful idiots is the proper term I think. Just useful enough to vote. Not smart enough to know the damage they’ve done.

  • Donald Naegele
    Donald Naegele

    You're going to regret mocking the statue of God

  • Reilly-K

    For all the militant-minded civilians hoarding guns thinking they're protecting themselves from potential unjust government military action, they sure are blissfully unaware of the fact that it's already happening... except it's against people who can't afford guns in the first place, thus rendering the right to bear arms completely pointless. Maybe gun advocates should pay attention to the "organized militia" part of the second amendment, so we can start actually protecting each other from incompetent, over-equipped, sadistic police?

  • ClangUser

    vadakans bull

  • Donald Naegele
    Donald Naegele

    The thing is most people that support Confederates support individual soldiers and individual rights I support the Confederates I may not support everything they support I do not support everything the Yankees support but the Confederates definitely had more good on their side than the Yanks and by the way dude the flag you keep showing is not the Confederate flag that's a battle flag has nothing to do with the Confederacy

  • Ryan Howe
    Ryan Howe

    This show used to be enjoyable.

  • Franz Fortuny L
    Franz Fortuny L

    Money is constantly flowing from entity to entity. It never stops. When it does, things do not happen, things stop. Every single time money flows from one entity to another, something happens that increases the GNP and for the GNP to grow, MONEY NEEDS TO FLOW among entities. It does not matter what money is spent on, it always makes something move or change. If more money is injected into the global stream of money flow, some entities will benefit directly and some indirectly. No entity loses anything when money is injected and the global amount of money increases, EXCEPT an entity that relies in the value of money for its future possibilities. Any entity that bases its progress in cash accumulation, will LOSE every single time the global amount of money is increased. Most of the time there is a healthy balance between things being produced and the need for them. The need for them is measured by the amount of money units being spent on them. If the flow of money stops. the incentive to produce stops, too. It is absolutely necessary to continue making money flow among entities. The system can only strive if things are moving and things only move when money flows. For money to flow, each entity involved in the flow MUST have something to offer that the buying entity is willing or needing to pay for.

  • Um Bongo
    Um Bongo

    We just shouldn't be talking about this in 2021. We shouldn't be the richest country in the world still talking about homeless, starving, desperate people. We shouldn't be blowing millions on bombs when we can't look after our own. If we're so desperate to export our democracy, hadn't we better make sure it works?

  • glad lawson
    glad lawson

    Yes nature .. one things waste becomes another things carcinogen. It could come back as a nightmare.

  • Donald Naegele
    Donald Naegele

    Shut the f up dude you don't know what you're talking about that's not the Confederate flag it's a battle flag it has nothing to do with the Confederacy that's a battle flag and the Confederacy was not equivalent to a sex offender the Confederates stood for freedom and that's it

  • Tsutomu106

    It is somehow deeply satisfying to watch this in April 2021 ! (^_^)

  • V HS
    V HS

    a fucking credit card weekly? thats honestly insane. i mean, i already eat a few credit cards a week, but now i'll need to cut back

  • louis leycuras
    louis leycuras

    I like how as a dude in Australia I know more about the election then most American voters.